Entrepreneurs, Creatives & Freelancers

We found Stephan when we were looking into the DAFT visa.

He was absolutely great through the entire process. We were very relieved to have his assistance, as he was extremely knowledgeable and responsive during every step of the process.

Roberto Baibich and Leigh Crandall | Freelance Creative Director - U.S.

Stephan was a fantastic find! After consulting several immigration lawyers, it was clear that he was far more knowledgeable than the others I had met.

Since I was applying for a visa under the Points-Based Visa Program for freelancers and entrepreneurs, it was also going to be challenging given my industry in hospitality. While many suggested that I should not even bother because it would be impossible to obtain, Stephan had far more confidence and insight into the complexities and challenges ahead. I believe he is quite selective with the cases he takes on given his high success rate. While he did not hesitate to stress the challenges and the possibility that it may not be successful, he was cautiously optimistic. He pointed out that I did have a solid case to make, although it would require extensive information gathering to prove it. After quite a long period of overcoming some initial denials, my application was successful. Stephan was quick to explain the situation and next steps needed to proceed through the process. Everything was handled a timely manner. I could not recommend Stephan enough, only if it is to get a thorough assessment of your case. It was not until I met Stephan that I felt I had met someone who was truly aware of the legal nuances involved in the immigration process. Lastly, Stephan successfully handled my business partners visa over the last year. And I have had great feedback from people I have referred to him.

Yudhi Srinivasan | Director at Box Sociaal - Australia

I came to The Netherlands with my European partner.

I initially found the EU partnership visa process to be very challenging. Stephan Roelofs' expertise was a big help in completing my application to obtain my visa. I would whole-heartedly recommend his services.

Jeff Gang | Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant - U.S.

I had the privilege of working with Stephan Roelofs after experiencing a very stressful time trying to complete my residency requirements in The Netherlands.

I decided to ask Stephan for his assistance. Stephan is experienced and explains residency procedures clearly. I knew that if I followed his legal advice, my chances of acquiring a work visa would be high. Stephan was timely and complete with his communication in between procedures, which provided me with much needed calm. I can highly recommend Stephan as a professional and a highly experienced expert in his field.

Jandré van der Westhuizen | Chiropractor - South Africa

Immigration laws and procedures are very complex in The Netherlands. To go through the application process requires a knowledgeable immigration lawyer.

When I was first referred to Stephan Roelofs to work on my self-employed residence permit under the Points-based Visa Program, I was already assured that he was the best immigration lawyer in Amsterdam. I am now able to certify that fact myself. Although acquiring a visa is quite stressful and can be very time consuming, Stephan's professional approach and his confidence provided me with a feeling of certainty that I would definitely obtain my permit. I knew that I could trust his thorough instructions as it applied to my business. Recently, I have been granted a 2-year residence permit, which wouldn’t have been possible without Stephan’s dedicated support. It was a pleasure working with Stephan. I will definitely come back for his services in the future!

Nvard Gharakhanyan | Financial Services Development Consultant - Armenia

I had been working in The Netherlands for a few years as a designer, having obtained a Highly Skilled Migrant Visa status. I decided to explore other options which would allowed me more freedom… not be tied to a company but to become a freelancer.

My initial contact with Stephan was via a friend. Stephan answered all of my personal questions as well as helped me answer all of the questions on the application forms. After our initial meeting, Stephan’s helpful demeanour and extensive knowledge gave me the confidence to move forward with the immigration process under the Points-based Visa Program for freelancers and entrepreneurs. Stephan was continuously communicative from start to finish. And he was positive of the outcome he could provide from day one.

Kelly-Ann Hee | Senior Product UX Designer - Canada

Stephan was recommended to me by another freelancer who successfully received a self-employed residence permit under his guidance. When I started researching the process myself, I was totally overloaded with the Points-based Visa Program and the number of criteria required from entrepreneurs to get a visa.

Stephan was the perfect specialist I needed to help me out. He started from the initial consultation, going in-depth about my particular situation, to provide honest advice on whether attaining the residence permit would even be possible in my case. Once it was confirmed, I received step-by-step guidance on the specific documents I needed to put together to provide substantial evidence to IND. Once my documents were submitted, I received regular updates on the status of my case. In the end, after waiting for the decision for eight months, I successfully received my self-employed residence permit. It definitely wouldn’t have been possible without Stephan. So I’m happy to recommend his services to anyone seeking a self-employed visa in The Netherlands.

Stan Prysiazhniuk | Entrepreneur & Product Design Consultant - Ukraine

A friend of mine, who went through the same visa process a few years earlier, recommended Stephan Roelofs to help me with my immigration application under the Points-based Visa Program for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

I now consider being introduced to Stephan Roelofs to be a great stroke of luck! It was a pleasure to work with him. As a person from a completely different country, the talk of applying for a visa made me anxious. Even if one understood Dutch, I assumed that there must be a million small bureaucratic requirements in the process of the visa application, that you might have not even considered. So it's either you attempt to go through this process yourself allowing no time to search for work, or you trust someone to execute the process for you, while explaining it to you thoroughly. I was glad that I could trust a person who thoroughly understood the Dutch immigration process. So during that time of waiting for a visa decision, I was certain, that everything possible from my side was applied in order, with Stephan's help. At the time, the price for the legal services seemed high. But now I understand the reason for it and consider it a great investment in my future. I feel fully satisfied with Stephan Roelofs’ services. I would like to thank Stephan again for all of his help and guidance throughout the immigration process.

Anya Danilova | Type Designer “Chaos Type” - Russia

Stephan has been instrumental in aiding my stay in The Netherlands over the past four years. As an expat, trying to navigate the Dutch legal system can be an incredibly overwhelming challenge.

But thanks to his help, I've been able to successfully apply for two residence permits on separate occasions. Through his knowledge and expertise, Stephan makes the information easily understandable to facilitate a smooth application procedure. I’d highly recommend his services to anyone looking to apply for residency in The Netherlands.

Kyle Weeks | Fashion Photographer - South Africa

This past year, Stephan assisted me in obtaining my self-employed visa as a creative. It was a long journey with unexpected turns.

However, despite this, Stephan was supportive and diligent throughout the entire application process, something that I would have not been able to do on my own. I am so grateful for the knowledge and expertise brought forth by Stephan. I am now happily settled and working in The Netherlands.

Thea Germain Kelly | Enviromental Graphic & Experience Designer - Canada