Adam and Wolf believe that it is critical to take the necessary time to fully understand your personal goals for both your work life and family life in The Netherlands. For this reason, we offer our Personal One-Hour Introductory Meeting.

After we fully define your specific objectives, we will determine the legal requirements necessary to accomplish the results you desire. We believe that it is important to be in full agreement, in advance, about the legal services we will provide and the fees charged. For some of our immigration services we charge a flat fee. According to your specific legal needs, we will inform you of all the fees that you can expect to pay. If, for some reason, additional legal services are required outside of those defined in the initial agreement, we will discuss the fees in advance, before we move forward.

Hourly Rate Attorney

€ 180

Fixed Fees Residence Permit

Highly Skilled Migrant Worker

€ 700

Highly Skilled Migrant Worker + family

€ 800

Dutch-American Friendship Treaty

€ 950

Dutch-American Friendship Treaty + family

€ 1,150

Dutch-Japanese Treaty of Amity and Commerce

€ 950

Dutch-Japanese Treaty of Amity and Commerce + family

€ 1,150

These rates and fees are exclusive of 21% VAT (0% For foreign based companies)

Cancellation Fees
After formally employing Adam & Wolf Attorneys for legal services, if you decide to terminate the relationship, you will be charged our standard hourly rate for the total amount of attorney hours spent on your case.

Payment Terms
Your payment will be due within 14 days upon the receipt of the invoice.