My husband and I were so fortunate to work with Stephan Roelofs when we moved to The Netherlands. We had explored the Dutch immigration process on our own and found it to be daunting. Stephan was very responsive from our very first inquiry. He provided expert guidance as we progressed through the immigration process.

Stephan tailored his firm’s legal services to our exact needs, described the procedures and timeline and kept us on track. He provided a flawless execution that reduced our stress during our big move! Stephan was also very helpful in recommending other professionals in the area who could help us with our business needs. Stephan and his firm have been an absolute pleasure to work with. We highly recommend Adam & Wolf for your immigration needs.

Cindy & Brian Burri | Entrepreneurs

We really enjoyed working with Susanne Mooij. She expertly navigated us through what seemed to us to be a very opaque process.

Furthermore, she was very professional and concise which we deeply appreciated. It's comforting to know that we can call her whenever the need arises. I couldn't recommend her more heartily.

Richard and Carla Betts | Business Consultants

I am so grateful to Stephan Roelofs for his help when I decided to move to The Netherlands to join my Dutch partner. Hiring Stephan was literally the best decision I could have made to manage the immigration process.

He knew exactly what to do and answered all of my questions...and I had a lot of questions! He was knowledgeable, confident and very responsive as I applied for my residency permit. I would highly recommend Stephan if you are from the United States and looking to move to The Netherlands. I know I will continue to rely on him and his team as I build my life here!

R.C. Marshall | Marketing Manager

We’re not sure what would have happened without our decision to work with Susanne Mooij. Our family moved from the U.S. to The Netherlands for my husband’s job. We thought we were going through the appropriate channels but found out otherwise.

When we realized that we were inadvertently in a complicated process with our teenage and young adult children’s resident permits, we were in a panic. We were referred to several attorneys, but after interviewing them, I believed the only one that could handle the job was Susanne...and I was right! From day one she took the lead to make sure that all the details were covered. And most importantly, she understood our immediate time constraints. She is extremely knowledgeable, more so than any other attorney I have met in my lifetime. Susanne is up most professional, meticulous and very personable. Not knowing the appropriate pathways, the move to The Netherlands was difficult enough for our family. Arriving to a new country and our situation made us feel vulnerable. Yet with her assistance, Susanne brought forth an ease and clarity to our circumstance. Her innate ability to look outside the box helped when addressing our unusual case. Miraculously, everyone’s resident permits were finalized in the short deadline time we had! If you are looking for someone to proficiently crack the immigration legal codes, Susanne Mooij is your person. I highly recommend her services and applaud her work to others.

Ingar Brunnett | Natural Wellness Consultant

I hired Stephan Roelofs to assist me and my girlfriend in relocating from the United States to The Netherlands. During our Dutch American Friendship Treaty application,

Stephan was not only an extremely knowledgeable professional, but a genuinely kind person. The process was clear, well-outlined and efficient. I would absolutely recommend his services.

Richard and Jennifer Van Lent | Consultants

I hired Stephan Roelofs to assist me and my girlfriend in relocating from the United States to The Netherlands. During our Dutch American Friendship Treaty application,

Stephan was not only an extremely knowledgeable professional, but a genuinely kind person. The process was clear, well-outlined and efficient. I would absolutely recommend his services.

Felipe Aldana Gamba | Architect

Moving to a foreign country completely alone was scary. I didn't know where to begin when applying for residence in The Netherlands. I was lucky to find Susanne Mooij at Adam & Wolf Immigration Lawyers.

She quickly responded to all of my questions and helped make the legal process clear and seamless. Living in Amsterdam has been a dream come true. I am forever grateful for Adam & Wolf and Susanne's services.

Jaclyn Genega | Freelance Video Editor

Reference for Stephan Roelofs...where do I begin? Legally immigrating to a foreign country while starting a new business, was the largest and most important deal I’d ever put together.

For this monumental task, I needed a dedicated, honest and hard-working individual. Fortunately for me, Stephan Roelofs was all of these things and more. He’s a methodical worker. He put a plan in place and deadlines were honored. Expectations were met and often exceeded. He made a very stressful, difficult process worry-free.

I have a brief story I’d like to share that I believe illustrates what type of person Stephan is. While I was still in my research phase of planning, I contacted several attorneys for consultations. Stephan was one of them. All of the consults went well. I got to thinking about all the stuff I would need to legally immigrate. Several weeks passed. I didn’t follow up with any of the attorneys I consulted with. But then one day, (it was a Friday, this is a key piece of the puzzle), I received an email from Stephan. The email was a pretty standard email to follow up with me regarding a free consult. He was checking in to see if I had made any progress in making a decision regarding the path I would take. The most interesting thing about this routine email was the time. I noted that it was sent at 3pm California time, which meant that it was midnight in The Netherlands. On a Friday night, here is this man that I had never met, taking the time out of his busy schedule to check in on me. That’s the type of man Stephan is. That kind of empathy and dedication is rare to find in his line of work. It spoke volumes to me in terms of his character. Right then I knew he was my guy!

Long story short, there were other options, but I took a chance on Stephan and I’m glad I did. If you find yourself in the same situation, I highly suggest you do the same.

Jesse Wallace | IT Consultant

The help we received from Susanne Mooij was clear and professional. But she also provided me with a sense of duty, care and calm which made things less stressful.

Previously, I had gone without the expertise of a lawyer. I wish I hadn’t. It wound up costing me more time and money as well as losing sleep over the outcome. I am glad to know there is someone nearby who is as caring and diligent, Susanne Mooij, to help with any legal issues we have with our immigration needs in The Netherlands.

Lauren Sweeney-Hampel | Massage Therapist

Stephan Roelofs was extremely helpful in obtaining our DAFT visas. My wife and I were able to execute the proceedings by email. Stephan took care of all the details, keeping track of the myriad of documents and appointments with the Dutch government.

He made a complicated process flow smoothly and quickly. We are thankful for Stephan’s expertise in supporting us through the Dutch immigration system.

Jody Lynn Marx & Eric Davis | Natural Science Illustrator