Entrepreneurs, Creatives & Freelancers

I feel extremely luckily to have worked with Stephan Roelofs as my immigration lawyer. He guided me through the creative visa-application with ease and expert advice.

Moving to a foreign country has enough challenges. Stephan made the most important part, legally immigrating, a swift and simple process. He’s extremely organized, straight-forward and responsive. When working with him you always feel fully supported and confident. If you are thinking about moving to Holland, don’t hesitate to contact Stephan! He’s the best!

Taylor Vella | Freelance Creative Project Manager - U.S.

When I reached out to Stephan Roelofs, it was very close to the end of my search-year visa.

I wanted to continue building up my professional career in The Netherlands after gaining my Master’s degree. For my immigration case, I was confused with the application options and procedures. Stephan gave me very clear information and advice and encouraged me to select the visa procedure I believed best suited me. If you meet with Stephan, you will immediately recognize that you can trust him because of his extensive knowledge and experience, as well as his highly organized preparation and documentation skills. I highly recommend his services.

Gunce Cavusoglu | Interior Architect - Turkey

I applied for a visa through Points-Based Visa Program for freelancers and entrepreneurs in 2017. I had initially decided to prepare the application myself.

But after receiving 2 rejection letters, I decided to enlist the help of a lawyer to assist me with my application. With Stephan's guidance and expertise of the self-employed visa requirements, my application was approved within 3 months. He was very professional and his expertise gave me a lot of confidence. I have no hesitation in recommending his services.

Catalina Gouverneur | UX & UI Digital Designer - Australia

After I quit my job in April of 2018, I found Stephan Roelofs through the recommendation of a close friend. Stephan analysed my situation and suggested that I apply for a visa through Points-Based Visa Program for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

The whole process went smoothly, with the help of Stephan, a business consultant, and an accountant. After six months of waiting, my first application was rejected. However, Stephan was very persistant and helped me find a solution for an appeal. My first appeal was denied, but Stephan believed that there was still a solution. So in the end, after two times of extended stays, I received my visa. Previously, I had gone to other lawyers to address my case, but Stephan with his determination and experience, was the best one to help me. He continued to work on my case, never giving up. After waiting over a year, I received my visa. Since then, my career has been going better and better, thanks to Stephan. If you have a similar situation, I highly recommend Stephan. I believe you are lucky, because you have already found the best immigration lawyer’s website in The Netherlands.

Long Wu | Communication & Graphic Designer - China

It was a pleasure to work with Stephan Roelofs to obtain a creative visa. The Dutch visa process is lengthy and it can take several months to complete.

However, it felt seamless with Stephan's helpful communication and guidance throughout the process. On my behalf, every appointment was booked and all of the necessary paperwork was submitted in a timely manner. Additionally, all of my questions were easily answered through email. I highly recommend Stephan's services for those applying for a visa.

Annalisa Swank | Freelance UX Designer - U.S.

When I decided to move to The Netherlands with my Dutch wife and daughter, other lawyers I consulted with made it into a highly complex immigration process.

Stephan, thanks to his great understanding of my case in relation to EU Immigration Law, really understood the nuances of my case which made the application process simple, quick and clear.

Maximiliano Chanan | Creative Director - Brazil

I have been incredibly lucky to have Stephan Roelofs assist me in my application for a EU partnership visa.

His extensive knowledge and experience with immigration law, allowed me to take the right steps and decisions in confidence. I met him having wanted to apply for an artist visa. However, he took his time to understand my needs and situation, which led me to learning that another visa type suited my needs much better. I am very grateful to have received his service, as he made the complex and anxiety ridden process of applying for a visa a huge relief. Stephan is very clear, efficient and patient, and his service has allowed me to successfully and happily live and work in Europe.

Jade Chan | Interior & Product Designer - Singapore

I will forever be grateful to Stephan and his team for their legal expertise. As an American expat, living across Europe for nearly ten years, I knew that the immigration visa process could become a complex experience.

However, from my very first meeting with Stephan and his team, I was provided with understanding as well as clear information. They were extremely efficient when they applied for my creative visas. As an consultant owning my own practice here in Amsterdam, Adam & Wolf will continue to be my preferred choice for any legal immigration advice.

Heath Broussard | CX Strategist & Lecturer Creative Business - U.S.

During my first meeting with Stephan Roelofs, he removed all of the uncertainty I had regarding an application for a Self Employed Residence Permit. He assessed my situation very methodically under the Points-Based Visa Program for freelancers and entrepreneurs and provided me with a step-by-step approach on how to submit my application.

Stephan took charge of each step during this process and advised me of what documents and information I needed to submit. He also followed up promptly, whether it be with me, a third party involved or the relevant immigration officer. The result of Stephan’s approach was a successful application with no interaction between myself and the IND. I can definitely recommend Stephan to assist with any immigration case.

Sam McDonald | Independent Controller - South Africa

After being recommended by a friend, who also works in the art field, I met with Stephan Roelofs for an introductory meeting.

Stephan helped me with my application for the self-employed visa for freelance designers and artists. He was so reliable. He went through the entire application procedure with me and advised me on how to prepare the materials during the process. Stephan was very professional in proceeding with my application with explicit insights, as well as in arranging the schedule. This provided me with a clear plan before and during the application period. I really appreciate the fact that my case had a smooth process and a positive result.

Szu-Yi Wang | Interior Designer, Artist & Architectural Researcher - Taiwan