Entrepreneurs, Creatives & Freelancers

Stephan Roelofs executed his services with clarity and diligence;

through his confidence and experience we attained a positive result in my immigration case under the Points-based Visa Program for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Takeshi Fujimura | Digital Content Producer & Media Management Consultant - Australia

I am a registered architect with five years of experience working in the Netherlands.

I worked with Stephan Roelofs to apply for a visa under the Points-based Visa-Program for freelancers and entrepreneurs. We submitted my application in September 2018. I received my residence permit in February 2019. Stephan was very helpful with the many concerns I had about my application. I appreciate the advice and the flexibility he offered during my application process. He is also well connected in the Dutch business community. He worked with my business planning advisor to form an inclusive plan.

Lu Yu | Architect - China

Our endeavor to secure a visa through the Points-based Visa Program for freelancers and entrepreneurs was executed smoothly and successfully by Stephan Roelofs.

His guidance was clear and prompt and he was very pleasant to work with. I can highly recommended him.

Scott Pickett | Director - Australia

I work in the field of visual art and spacial design. I have my own projects as well as larger scale projects and commissions, collaborating with other studios as a freelancer.

Working legally in the creative industry in The Netherlands, providing applications, documents and necessary budgets for the government, can be difficult for people who are not from the EU or countries like Japan or the US. Certain governments have better relationships, so the working visa standards can be varied. It can take an extensive amount of time to proceed, not to mention the panic and nervous feeling one experiences while waiting for an answer from IND. It is important to have professional legal guidance. I contacted Stephan Roelofs in 2017. He was referred to me by my friends who had been in the same situation as me. It is a relief to have and respect a local lawyer who specializes in immigration law to help and guide you.

Yu Hsin Chang | Spacial & Visual Designer - Taiwan

When Stephan Roelofs first looked at my case he said,

"I will take your case, but I cannot guarantee that it will be approved." Because of his directness, I knew that I could trust his legal judgment. My testimony...the approval of my self-employed extension case.

Bahman Eslami | Type Designer & Motion Designer - Iran

It was a pleasure to work with Stephan Roelofs when I decided that I wanted to live in The Netherlands.

I am a Taiwanese artist/designer.
He immediately provided me with professional advice, leading me to apply for a self-employed VISA. He guided me through the most difficult phase of the VISA application process, advising me how to prepare the necessary documents including the details that really mattered. It saved me lots of time. And it took much less time than I expected to receive a positive feedback. I highly recommend Stephan to represent you for your immigration case.

Yen-An Chen | Art Director & Filmmaker - Taiwan

Mr. Roelofs' deep knowledge, professionalism and kindness was fundamental every time I was lost in the details of rules and/or had questions about my complicated self-employed freelance case.

I highly recommend international artists and creatives to reach out to him because he is one of the best lawyers one can find. I am utterly grateful that I encountered Stephan and had a chance to work with him.

Minem Sezgin | Visual Storyteller and Social Innovator - Turkey

I am very pleased with Adam and Wolf for making my working visa in The Netherlands possible. I collaborated with Susanne Mooij who clearly guided me through every step of the process, as well as gave me advice along the way providing constant follow-ups.

My case ended up being quite complicated and stressful at times, but Susanne Mooij always did everything in her power to make it happen. She was realistic and optimistic, which really helped me through the usually difficult process of applying for a creative visa. I finally have my visa and am very happy and looking forward to continuing my freelance career with all of her legal support.

Pascale Theron | Graphic Designer - South Africa

Stephan Roelofs guided me through the entire process of applying for a self-employed artistic residential permit visa.

Stephan has profound knowledge of immigration law. He is precise, professional and reliable. I feel very lucky to have him as my lawyer!

Jiajia Qi | Interactive Media Designer - China

My partner and I first worked with Susanne in 2018, when she was instrumental in helping us acquire our residence permits as creative freelancers.

She guided us through the Points-Based Visa Program for freelancers and entrepreneurs, which can be an overwhelming process with its own unique challenges. Susanne put us at ease, provided clarity and was such a pleasure to work with; she is knowledgable, insightful, attentive, professional and supportive. We are beyond grateful for all of her help and guidance over the subsequent years. We couldn’t have done it without Susanne and have no hesitation in recommending her, especially for self-employed creatives and entrepreneurs.

Ash Leech | Design Director & Digital Strategist - Australia