Entrepreneurs, Creatives & Freelancers

Stephan was really amazing. He helped my family and me navigate through the very tricky Dutch legal system months before we landed.

We ended up being well-prepared, we had all of our necessary documentation ready. As a result, we were able to get my residency (as an American citizen) relatively fast. Stephan was knowledgeable, friendly and responsive. He always explained things clearly. I highly recommend him!!

Jerome Austria | Executive Creative Director - U.S.A.

I first moved to The Netherlands with an international organization. When my contract ended, I wanted to continue working from The Netherlands as a consultant.

Stephan Roelofs helped me to open a company and apply for a work visa as a ZZP, based on my qualifications, experience and a simple business plan. Stephan was direct and practical. His knowledge of the relevant legislative frameworks, combined with his judgment about what would satisfy the Dutch authorities, was invaluable.

David Patterson | Health, Law and Development Consultant - Australia

During our very first meeting, Stephan convinced me that there would be a positive result for my case, even though I had previously been rejected for a self-employment residence permit.

It was due to my incomplete application for my complex case! Stephan indicated what was missing so everything turned out successful in the end. Thanks to Adam & Wolf, I have already recommended Stephan to a couple of friends who needs his service!

Chen Hangfeng | Director, Graphic Designer & Artist - China

When I had my first meeting with Stephan at his office in Amsterdam, I had already heard of his reputation as a lawyer in immigration law.

I trusted his judgment from the beginning. He informed me as to what I needed to prepare for an application, considering my personal situation. He was clear and convincing. His good judgment made the process very easy, so fortunately, in the meantime I was able to concentrate on my own work. I will work with Stephan again for my next residence permit as a freelance artist. I believe in his professional assistance.

Sejoon Kim | Contextual Designer - South-Korea

I strongly recommend Stephan Roelofs to obtain the self-employment residential permit under the Points-based Visa Program for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

After I graduated from TU Delft with a master degree, I decided to choose freelance as my working status. First, I applied for the VISA by myself, but it didn't go well. Stephan was referred to me by a fellow alumni who successfully gained the VISA under his assistance. So I asked Stephan to help me with the appeal of my application. During the whole process, Stephan arranged everything in a well-organized and precise manner. His efficiency really impressed me. After waiting two months, I received a positive result from the IND. Without doubt, Stephan is the perfect choice if you have a immigration issue to be dealt with.

Xiaojie Huang | Architectural Designer - China

Efficiency. Knowledge. Results. Susanne Mooij knows what she's doing and works closely with you throughout the Freelance Visa process.

She is attentive and available and provides excellent service.

Lani Shadduck | Copywriter, Editor & Digital Communication Strategist - U.S.A.

I can’t begin to explain how happy I am that I hired Stephan Roelofs. As a film maker specializing in the dance music scene, The Netherlands is the place where I’ve always wanted to be.

When I met Stephan, I wasn’t very optimistic about being awarded a self-employed visa under the Points-based Visa Program for freelancers and entrepreneurs. But Stephan was confident that I had a good chance. I am pleased to say that my application was successful. I can honestly say that Stephan made obtaining the self-employed residency visa comfortable and straightforward.

Wissam Abdallah | Cinematographer & Film Maker - Australia

After receiving a Master degree in The Netherlands and finishing my orientation year, I decided to apply for a self-employed (freelance creative) visa with help from Stephan.

In my case, it was a tough process. I didn’t have much working experience and I had just started my sole proprietorship doing freelance design work. The visa requirements focuses on how much one can contribute to the Dutch economy. Therefore in the beginning, I received a negative result from the IND. But Stephan and I didn’t give up on the application. We submitted an objection along with new materials. After several discussions and feedback from IND, Stephan managed to convince them to consider my case as a freelance artist visa application, because I was also active in cultural projects and participating in exhibitions in The Netherlands. In the end, I successfully received my visa! I really appreciated all the help and support Stephan provided in this roller coaster-like process.

Nai Dan Chang | Freelance Designer - Taiwan

After graduating from the Design Academy in Eindhoven, I started my career as an independent designer.

It became difficult to stay in The Netherlands as a self-employed designer. To continue to practice here, Stephan Roelofs helped me sort through the confusing and scary immigration process. He provided me with stress-free procedures and solutions so I was able to focus on my work. Because of his extensive background in immigration law, he was great in guiding me through the legal process with clear and informative directions. Thanks to Stephan, I can now freely practice and develop my creative talent in The Netherlands.

WooJai Lee | Freelance Designer - New Zealand

Working with Stephan Roelofs to procure my residence visa in The Netherlands was a great experience.

His in-depth knowledge of the Freelance Immigration application process was a comfort to me throughout. He clearly explained the steps we would need to take without overwhelming me with information, which I greatly appreciated. His efficiency and responsiveness allowed me to enjoy the process almost as much as I'm enjoying the result: life in the Netherlands.

Ashley Brown | Freelance-Art Direction + Design Consulting - U.S.A.