Entrepreneurs, Creatives & Freelancers

During a time of uncertainty for my family, Stephan Roelofs’ calmness, professionalism and knowledge of the law was extremely helpful.

His ability to explain the legal issues clearly, while defining the steps and documentation needed to move forward, made the process of obtaining a Freelance Residence Visa and dependent residency permits for myself and my family a pleasure. His services removed any uncertainty and allowed me to confidently go about my business, knowing that I was in good hands. Thank you, Stephan, for all you have provided.

Paul Stechschulte | Executive Creative Director - U.S.A.

Not only was Stephan's services and guidance through the Points-based Visa Program for freelancers successful in my case,

but he was also successful in the admission of three of my close friends, all of whom are from varied backgrounds. I have full confidence in Stephan’s ability to make a judgement on client’s suitability for this visa and to guide them towards a positive result.

Jo Sandow | Sync Licensing Manager - Australia

As other foreign graduates, who would like to stay in The Netherlands after finishing studies at the Design Academcy Eindhoven, I struggled when applying for my Self-Employed Visa.

After I failed my first attempt, I found Stephan Roelofs to help me proceed with my appeal. He fully explained the Points-based Visa Process and assisted me throughout the procedures, which were clear and efficient. Thanks to his help, I received my resident permit. I can now focus on my creative career.

Meng Hsun Wu | Conceptual & Social Designer - Taiwan

It was a great pleasure to work with Stephan Roelofs. After experiencing a challenging period of trying to apply for my Self-employment Visa, under the Points-based Visa Program for freelancers and entrepreneurs,

I met with Stephan. I immediately decided to ask him to handle my case. He was very professional, experienced and efficient during the process. The first time we met, he told me exactly what was required. I received clear guidelines from him. What's more, because of his working attitude, I felt secure. It relieved me of a lot of stress during the waiting period. I would refer him to any friends who face immigration issues in the future.

Yinyun Huang | Architect - China

In 2016, I worked with Stephan Roelofs of Adam & Wolf Immigration Lawyers. I had approached him through a recommendation of a peer who had worked with him previously.

Stephan was able to help me with my own self-employed immigration case, here in The Netherlands. Although I had many concerns about my situation, Stephan was supportive and professional during this demanding time. Stephan petitioned the IND on my behalf, and with his help and involvement, I was able to secure a successful immigration verdict. In the end, the original recommendation I received was only reinforced with my experience of working with Stephan. I have since referred and recommended his name and business to many of my peers, who are in similar situations. I would not hesitate to recommend his services to whomever needs legal immigration assistance.

Allly Huang | Art Director - Australia

Stephan's professionalism definitely made me feel at ease when first moving to The Netherlands.

His expertise on immigration law is accurate and effective, and I am definitely grateful for his help.

Dana Cannam | Product Designer - Canada

Stephan Roelofs made my freelance immigration process incredibly efficient and pleasant.

He walked me through all the required documentation, set all the appropriate appointments with the various governmental bureaus, and expedited what would have been a far more confusing, complicated process. Stephan is friendly, efficient and professional. I highly recommend him!

Carah Von Funk | Executive Producer - U.S.A.

Stephan Roelofs, at Adam & Wolf Immigration Lawyers, came highly recommended to me by a well-respected professor of international Law between South Africa and The Netherlands.

Stephan assisted me in acquiring my Dutch Entrepreneurial Visa in order to set-up my Chiropractic practice in Amsterdam West. He showed competence and support in areas of Dutch immigration law toward my specific case, and resourced reliable colleagues to support me in this process. This was a daunting undertaking at first, but with his step-by-step assistance, we got the job done in a respectable amount of time. All in all, he will provide you with a premium service experience that will save you time and money.

Pieter Bosman | Chiropractor - South-Africa

Stephan Roelofs has assisted me three times with obtaining and extending my visa in the past ten years.

The first time he obtained my Highly Skilled Migrant Worker Visa, then he extended the visa and, more recently, he obtained a ZZP Entrepreneur Visa. At all times, I have found him to be extremely knowledgeable on the rules and practices of the IND, as well as very helpful in explaining the requirements, including the confusing Points-based Visa Program for freelancers and entrepreneurs that must be satisfied. All of my visas were obtained quickly, before the timeline indicated by Stephan. There was no need to supplement the information and no further questions were asked by the IND. Stephan is responsive and a pleasure to work with.

Sophie Chamberlin | Legal Consultant - Australia

After finishing my studies at the Design Academy Eindhoven, I decided to establish myself as an independent designer, based in The Netherlands.

When it came to applying for a Self-Employment Residence Permit, to continue to reside and work in The Netherlands as a creative entrepreneur, Stephan Roelofs provided all the support I needed to make a successful application under the Points-based Visa Program for freelancers, creatives and entrepreneurs. Out of all the attorneys I have met, Stephan had the best understanding of my situation of being a newly self-employed, independent designer of non-EU origin. He helped me make a thorough and effective application. I continue to depend on Stephan for legal counsel and immigration services. I highly recommend him for independent creatives who are just starting their careers.

Minsung Wang | Concept & Communication Designer - South-Korea