Entrepreneurs, Creatives & Freelancers

As an entrepreneur in The Netherlands, it was difficult to dedicate my time to both my business and the requirements and time needed to obtain a residence permit, based on the Points-based Visa Program for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Therefore, I fully relied on Stephan Roelofs, to fully addressed all my concerns about schedules and the documents required to proceed. He maintained constant communication with me, informing me of every step taken from the initial application to receiving the new permit. I could not be happier, as the process went smoothly and with no negative impact on my business!

Ernesto M. Nogueira | MedTech Value Strategist & Managing Director - Brazil

I studied design at the Design Academy Eindhoven in The Netherlands. After finishing my studies, I wanted to continue my work. As a foreign designer, it was important to obtain a legal visa under the Points-based Visa Program for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

I'm now continuing my creative work in Europe. I appreciate the help that Stephan Roelofs provided for the visa process.

Wonmin Park | Furniture Designer - South-Korea

I strongly recommend working with Stephan Roelofs.

After talking with several lawyers about my case, who all felt that my case was not going to be successful, I was referred to Stephan. Happily, he was able to address my specific situation. I've referred several friends to Stephan. He's been able to help them to succeed as well. His advice and guidance was always practical and honest.

Jeff Wilson | Solutions Engineer - Canada

This is what I really appreciated about Stephan’s services.

His intricate knowledge of the ins and outs of the Dutch immigration system definitely helped with getting my application, under the Points-based Visa Program for freelancers and entrepreneurs, approved.

Jeanne Tan | Freelance Writer – Architecture, Travel & Design - Australia

My family were clients of Adam & Wolf, with Stephan Roelofs and Susanne Mooij as our lawyers, representing us on a number of immigration cases.

We would like to take this opportunity to tell you what a thoroughly outstanding job they did for us. They were very professional and they kept us informed on every aspect of our cases from beginning to end. The experience and knowledge with which they handled, in particular our case under the Points-based Visa Program for freelancers and entrepreneurs, gave us a sense of peace and confidence. Adam & Wolf Immigration Lawyers are friendly and thorough. I highly recommend their services.

P. Marinkovic | Researcher, Engineer & System Scientist - Serbia

In 2007, Stephan Roelofs worked closely with me to acquire my residence permit on the basis of the Points-based Visa Program for freelancers.

It required a thoughtful approach, as my legal circumstances were new to The Dutch legal system. So in effect, he can be regarded as a pioneer in immigration law within The Netherlands.

Philip Riches | Fashion Photographer - Australia

I was very impressed by the efficiency with which my lawyer, Stephan Roelofs, handled my freelance immigration case.

Most communications were via e-mail, and all my concerns however minor, were promptly addressed. In addition to his efficiency, Mr. Roelofs provided personal support when it was most needed. He was able to expedite my Dutch visa in a very short amount of time.

Joseph Togneri | Video Producer - U.S.A.

After living many years in The Netherlands, without a proper/permanent solution to my stay permit, I reached out to Stephan Roelofs. With his help and knowledge, I managed to secure an Entrepreneurial Stay Permit, to pursue my dreams in business.

His approach on immigration law has been the best that I have ever experienced, after having gone through other immigration lawyers in the past. Without a doubt, I will recommend Stephan Roelofs to anyone who needs professional help with their immigration case.

Rama Mwinyimbegu | Android Developer - Tanzania

I was referred to Stephan by a friend who spoke highly of his efficient and smooth service in helping her to obtain a Freelance Residence Visa under the Points-based Visa Program for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Along with his ability to make sense of a seemingly confusing and convoluted process, Stephan was everything that my friend said he would be. I’d recommend Stephan, with his diligence and attention to details. My freelance visa was approved in the first round!

Peter Adams | Digital Marketing Consultant - Australia

I am so grateful to have had Stephan for my self-employment immigration case. I was launching a franchise company in The Netherlands.

To start my case, I met with three immigration lawyers. Stephan was, no doubt, the best amongst them all. He is very familiar with the Points-based Immigration Process. He explains all the procedures directly and to the point. As soon as the case started, his communications were super efficient which saved me, the client, time and money. After all, Stephan is a very sophisticated lawyer in the immigration world. With his advice, your immigration journey will be much easier.

Tina Lou | Business Developer & Franchisee - China