Artists & Musicians

After finishing my studies at Central Saint Matins in London and my internship at Studio Drift in Amsterdam, I decided to establish my studio in The Netherlands.

I was referred to Susanne by a friend of a friend who spoke of Susanne's service in helping her to obtain a freelance artist visa. As a new expat, who wasn’t familiar with the visa application system in The Netherlands, it was difficult for me to apply by myself. Without Susanne’s help and knowledge, I wouldn't have secured a freelance permit to pursue my dreams. I highly recommend Susanne’s services.

Chinghui Yang | Artist & Designer - China

While working on the visa process with Stephan, I felt fully supported and peaceful

My case needed to be prepared in a very short period of time. But in the end, it was successful. Stephan was very knowledgable, understanding and professional as well.

Aram Lee | Artist - South Korea

Hiring the services of Susanne Mooij for obtaining my Dutch artist residence permit became a smooth, pleasant and successful experience.

Susanne is a very professional lawyer with a nice personality. She has extensive knowledge of the IND legal system. She can tell you from the beginning whether you have a chance of obtaining a residence permit or not, without any kind of false hope. She guided me in great detail about the IND legal system, which is still helping me to live and work in The Netherlands today. It was my pleasure to hire her expertise. I am very much satisfied with her professional expertise and personality.

Imran Channa | Visual Artist - Pakistan

Before applying for my artist visa, I had already heard that many of my acquaintances had successfully obtained their permit through the help of Stephan Roelofs. Inevitably, choosing him to assist me with my visa application is one of the smartest choices I have ever made.

After obtaining my degree in the field of food design, Stephan guided me on how to strategically plan my work to get a proper profile. Food design is a relatively new topic. He recognized my potential and the relevance of my design work to the Dutch culture, which gave me a lot of confidence during the process. Being a very detail oriented person, Stephan worked professionally and efficiently. He provided me with lots of reminders that assisted me, a non-Dutch speaking person, in finishing the process smoothly. I doubt that I could have achieved what I have today without Stephan's help.

Adelaide Lala Tam | Food designer - Hong Kong

One of my friends got an artist visa last year. She recommended that I work with Susanne.

At the beginning, I wasn't sure if I was ready to go through all the preparations and documents. But after having a meeting with Susanne, I decided to move forward. For someone like me who doesn't have any experience with legal procedures, Susanne was able to give me me a clear and simple explanation of the legal requirements. Susanne is a proper expert who I can recommend.

Sojung Im | Artist & Designer - South Korea

I was looking for a lawyer who could help me to obtain a Dutch artistic visa. My friend connected me with Mr. Roelofs.

After having been unlucky with other lawyers, I was a bit afraid to 'trust my life' to somebody new, but I decided to give it a try. After having a short conversation with him, I realized that he actually specializes in obtaining visas for musicians and knows very well what he is talking about. I went for it and was happy about the results. The whole time of cooperation was easy and harmonious, if you may say so in applying for a visa. If I had questions, Stephan provided answers quickly and clearly. Stephan Roelofs is a highly skilled immigration lawyer. I would hire Mr. Roelofs again.

Anastasiia Kurilko | Correpetitor at Koninklijk Conservatorium - Russia

As a non-Dutch speaking person who just graduated as a designer, dealing with obtaining a visa seemed very tricky.

In 2018, when my friends saw me struggle with applying for a visa, they introduced me to Adam & Wolf Immigration Lawyers. During my first visit, Susanne kindly explained the procedures needed to apply for the visa for artists like me. Finally, I felt that I could easily obtain the self-employed artist visa. My visa expiration is coming up soon, and of course, I will return to Susanne to talk about it. I can highly recommend Susanne to my friends who need legal advice about obtaining a Dutch visa.

Soyoun Kim | Artist & Designer - South Korea

I’m really happy that I decided to work with Stephan to apply for my Self Employed Person Permit.

From the very beginning, his knowledge and his direct imput, made me feel secure. The fact that he formed a bridge between me and the IND created the feeling of being strongly represented. It helped me stay motivated until my application was finally approved.

Yanki Bicakci | Musician & Performing Arts Manager - Turkey

It was such a nice experience to work with Susanne Mooij, to go through the process of applying for an artist visa in The Netherlands.

During our collaboration, she presented every step clearly and efficiently for me. It saved me a lot of time and energy, so that I could spend more time focusing on my artistic practice. I also highly recommend Adam & Wolf Immigration Lawyers to Taiwanese artists who wish to obtain a Dutch artist visa to develop their artistic careers in The Netherlands.

Kuang-Yi Ku | Artist & Designer - Taiwan

Being an artist in general is not easy, especially when you are trying to find your way as a freelancer in a foreign country.

After floating for a long period of time in the Dutch bureaucratic system, trying to figure it out on my own, I realized that I needed help. I heard about Susanne Mooij from my close expat friends whom she helped to remain in The Netherlands. My case was not an easy one and at that time I thought it to be absolutely unsolvable. After my first appointment with Susanne, I felt that I could trust her completely, which is very important when you put your future in someone elses hands. Susanne is very experienced, confident, dedicated, professional, as well as generous. I felt very secure. She thoughtfully guided me through the entire legal process. We still have a lot of work to complete, but I am absolutely confident that Susanne is leading me to a successful result. I am very grateful to my friends who advised me to go to Susanne Mooij for legal assistance. I now also strongly recommend all freelance artists, who are trying to find their way to work in The Netherlands, to depend on her for legal guidance.

Tatiana Matveeva | Dancer & Composer - Russia