Artists & Musicians

Stephan was right on point when assiting me and my wife with our residence permit application.

Without hesitation, he clearly explained our legal situation. He asked us for the necessary documents to file with our application. Our permit was successfully approved. We are very happy with the help we received from Stephan and we highly recommend him to anybody!

Orlando Aguilar Velazquez | Percussionist - México

I believe that for anyone on a mission to obtain a self-employed visa, the process feels like shooting in the blank. Working histories and networks vary for every cultural/creative worker.

Although my, essentially research + writing oriented practice, initially posed a challenge, Susanne Mooij helped me look at the situation from a brighter perspective. Her sharp and simple expertise helped me concentrate on working towards strengthening the case, rather than contemplating what the authorities' decision would be. As it was necessary to put a spotlight on my strongest skills, I must admit that the whole process of preparing the application helped me sharpen the direction of my career as well. For someone who graduated from Gerrit Rietveld Academie, this was not an easy challenge. I am grateful for Susanne’s guidance. Our collaboration will continue by setting more ambitious milestones for my future stay in The Netherlands.

Maisa Imamović | Webdeveloper & Designer - Bosnia & Herzegovina

Thanks to Stephan Roelofs, I can now focus on my future, a creative career in The Netherlands.

As a foreign graduate with a Master in Music from KonCon, the Dutch immigration process was not crystal clear to me and I was still very busy with my study. I decided to meet with Stephan Roelofs. I’d recommend Stephan to anyone who wants to have a stress-free path to obtain artistic residency in The Netherlands. My freelance visa was approved in the first round!

Sohrab Motabar | Music Composer - Iran

After graduating with a Bachelor Degree from the Design Academy in Eindhoven, I needed to arrange a residence permit for a self-employed artist in order to remain in The Netherlands and further pursue my career.

Susanne Mooij guided me through the legal process from the beginning. Thanks to Susanne's professional service, everything felt very secure and in order. It was a smooth and pleasant experience for me to go through the application process with Susanne. Eventually I secured my stay by receiving a new residence permit.

Sunjoo Lee | Artist & Filmmaker - South Korea

After graduating from the Art Academy in The Hague, I wanted to continue my artistic practice in The Netherlands as a part of the local, vibrant creative scene and community.

I highly appreciate the valuable contribution of Susanne Mooij, who made this possible. She guided me through a demanding legal process, whereby many formal requirements had to be met. With her personalised strategy, advice and honest recommendations, I felt secure and had a clear and realistic view on how to proceed. Thanks to Susanne Mooij, I was granted an artist visa and could continue to follow my artistic endeavour in The Netherlands. I was lucky to be referred to Susanne Mooij by one of my collaborators and now I highly recommend her services to those searching for support on their immigration cases.

Anna Sitnikova | Artist & Researcher - Russia

Stephan Roelofs from Adam & Wolf helped our family navigate the confusing immigration system with ease.

The process took several months with various steps. Stephan was there through out, helping with the scheduling of appointments and having the appropriate paperwork delivered. He was willing to work around certain time restrictions, do to some personal scheduling issues. Our family can’t thank Stephan enough for the work he’s done.

Aaron Coyes | Artist Peaking Lights - U.S.

Ms Mooij was of great support. She provided, with clarity, all the possibilities available in The Netherlands to obtain a residence permit.

She was easy to communicate with and made the process less daunting for me. I will surely continue to seek her legal representation in the future.

Ola Hassanain | Artist & Researcher - South Sudan

Stephan successfully obtained a search-year visa for me in 2018. He made this process very easy. He assisted me again in the following year to convert my search-year visa to an artistic visa.

I feel that at all times, Stephan provided me with the information I needed. He was very patient with my questions, and correctly instructed me on how to navigate through the requirements. I am extremely pleased with his service and would not hesitate to recommend him to others.

Jody Wilson | Independent Composer & Researcher - New Zealand

I'm so happy to have chosen Stephan Roelofs as my lawyer. I wanted to stay in The Netherlands with my Dutch partner.

Stephan was so incredible throughout the entire process. He was helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. Without him I don't know what I would have done. I whole- heartedly recommend his legal services.

Thomas Reyna | Flutist & Music Instructor - U.S.

With a fairly complicated case, and contradictory advice from other lawyers (which almost hindered my Visa impossible), I came across Mr Roelofs.

From the first meeting, I was impressed with his knowledge of the Dutch immigration laws, his experience in dealing with the unique legal issues for an artist, and by his straightforwardness. He immediately made clear what my possibilities were to not just get my legal situation settled, but also to allow me back into The Netherlands in time for a big production in which I was involved. Letting me know what “the cards were on the table,” assured me that Mr Roelofs was sure of what the procedures should be to solve my case. Indeed, I was able to obtain my documents in due time. I highly recommend Mr Roelofs' expertise, knowledge, experience and professionalism for any expat, especially for artists, when settling Visa situations in The Netherlands. I couldn't be more satisfied with Stephan’s work and attention, creating the positive outcome for my situation.

Cristiano Melli | Composer, Copist & Pianist - Brazil