Artists & Musicians

Stephan Roelofs has been the most caring and helpful lawyer I could have hoped for! The whole visa process went smoothly and was hassle-free.

Stephan quickly answered every question. He was always accessible. I felt supported at every step of the process. I would recommend Stephan to anyone who needs help with their immigration status.

Kristie Su | Classical Violinist & Concertmaster Flemish Opera - U.S.A.

During my visa application process, Mr. Stephan Roelofs was always quick to respond to any question or concern that I had. At our first meeting, he explained how the Dutch immigration process works.

He made me feel secure by continually demonstrating the professional experience required to submit a strong application. While awaiting the decision of my application, Mr. Roelofs regularly kept me updated with its status. My visa application was handled professionally, promptly, and successfully. Thank you.

Cordelia Paw | Violinist - Canada

Susanne has been amazing throughout my visa application process. She was clear, precise and firm about what was required to build a convincing application.

This to me was very important since I found that there was little information available about the Artist visa process. Susanne was always available to answer my multitudes of (panic-stricken) queries. I will personally recommend her service to my friends.

Anika Mariam Ahmed | Artist - Bangladesh

I was very happy to be able to work with Susanne Mooij, who helped me with the application for the Self Employed Residence Permit.

After graduating from Amsterdam Academy for Arts as a freelance dancer, I wanted to carry on with my performing activities within The Netherlands. It was a very pleasant and comforting to be guided by Susanne, a very knowledgable lawyer working within the creative field. She provided clear guide lines and great support during the entire process. From the beginning to the end, I was confident that my case was in the right hands, because Susanne had succeeded when she executed the same process for a few of my dance colleagues. Thanks to Susanne’s experience and knowledge, as well as her very kind and supportive communication skills, this step of further integrating into the Dutch society was made much easier and less stressful.

Yulia Kalinchenko | Dancer & Performer - Russia

Stephan helped me apply for my artist visa with very clear instructions and prompt communications.

After being told that it usually takes 3-4 months to receive a VISA, I received mine in 6 weeks.

Talitha Witmer | Lutenist - U.S.

Working together with Susanne has been a both incredibly challenging and rewarding process.

I say this in the utmost positive sense. From our very first meeting, she provided me not only with all the necessary information, but also an action plan that would be needed to execute a successful visa application. Initially, I found her standards rather high, but this pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and work harder than ever. I can really attribute the success of many of my past projects to her motivation. Susanne was always there to answer any queries or concerns. Additionally, when my initial application for an artist visa was rejected due to a misunderstanding with an external party, she was able to quickly find a solution and reformulate a strategy to make sure that my appeal would be successful. And it was!!! Thank you, Susanne!

Jonathan Ho | Artist & Designer - Malaysia

Stephan Roelofs was a tremendous help when I applied for a self-employed artist visa. He took the time to understand my personal situation.

He advised me to begin the process immediately to have a higher chance in obtaining the visa. His communication was always honest and concise. I’ve been granted an artist visa, thanks to Mr. Roelofs’ expertise in the field.

Warittha Kraiwee | Curator at NonNativeNative - Thailand

As a Korean artist and designer, I was assisted by Susanne Mooij to obtain an Artist visa in The Netherlands.

The whole process was clear and reliable thanks to her sufficient explanation with kindness. I have already recommended her with trust and confidence to a few of my colleagues who were looking for an immigration lawyer. If I need an extra residence permit in the future, I will definitely ask for her help again.

Minji Choi | Artist & Designer - South Korea

I am a jazz vocalist/song writer/educator. I needed some professional help with my MVV application in The Netherlands.

Due to my various collaborative music projects with local Dutch musicians and music institutions, I had to remain in The Netherlands. My friend recommended Mr. Roelofs for legal advice. He did a wonderful job helping me with my application. We succeeded in a very short amount of time. I really appreciate Mr. Roelofs’ support. I highly recommend him to other people who need legal guidance.

Ke Zhao | Jazz Vocalist - China

As a freelance contemporary dancer, it is hard to make your way into a foreign society. As a non-EU citizen, it is even harder.

Thanks to Susanne Mooij, the process of becoming an artist based in The Netherlands was smooth and reliable. Any time there was an obstacle, I was advised by Susanne and the problem would quickly be resolved. It was great to have such an experienced lawyer who dealt with creative people. Thanks to Susanne, I can work freely and have access to a variety of opportunities!

Hellen Boyko | Contemporary Dancer - Russia