Artists & Musicians

It has been a pleasure to work with Susanne Mooij, a lawyer from Adam & Wolf Immigration Attorneys.

Her professionalism, deep knowledge of the subject and experience was key to successfully completing my artist visa application process. I am very thankful to Susanne Mooij and fully satisfied with her job. I would recommend her service to all who need it.

Masha Zhukova | Professional Dancer, Choreographer & Dance Teacher - Russia

I really appreciate what Stephan Roelofs has done for me. He helped me with every step of the process for applying for an artist visa.

He always quickly responded to my emails and provided detailed explanations to my questions. During a two-year-long process, we had to address difficult circumstances. I wouldn’t have made it without Stephan’s professional suggestions. I am very grateful to have had Stephan as my attorney for my my artist visa case. I strongly recommended Stephan Roelofs.

S’yo Fang | Jazz Pianist, Composer & Arranger - Taiwan

Stephan Roelofs helped me with renewing my residency permit as a freelancer composer. The process turned out to be too complicated and problematic for me.

But once Stephan accepted my case, I felt relieved and confident. Thanks to his expertise and broad experience, I obtained my residency permit. I was extremely happy with his professionalism and dedication.

Siamak Anvari | Freelance Composer - Iran

After finishing my bachelor study in Fine Art at the HKU in Utrecht, I was looking for a way to stay in The Netherlands to continue to develop my art practice. A friend recommended Susanne Mooij for legal guidance.

Soon after meeting we were working together. I thought it would be impossible to get the artist visa. I had just graduated from art school and felt that I would never meet the qualifications. Susanne helped me figure out how to organize all the documents and correspondence required. She guided me step by step. She checked to make sure that I stayed on schedule, as well as encouraged me to find more projects that I could add to my application. Her knowledge and confidence motivated me through the entire process. I received the Artist Residence Visa.

Nuni Weisz | Artist - Israel

If you are an artist who wants to have a successful residency in The Netherlands, I highly recommend working with Stephan Roelofs.

After I finished my bachelor and master studies at the Conservatorium, as a South Korean pianist I didn’t know how I could confidently immigrate to The Netherlands. Fortunately, some of my colleagues from different countries were formal clients of Stephan. They strongly recommended him. I was very lucky to have met Stephan. With kindness, he guides his clients through complicated immigration processes to insure 100% success. He is an outstanding lawyer who is extremely professional and who sincerely cares about his client's future. He is practical and honest. I appreciate his great help and I will work with him again in the future.

Jongyin Kim | Pianist - South-Korea

I had the pleasure of working with Susanne Mooij to obtain my artist visa. I am a freelance dancer based in Amsterdam.

During an introductory consultation, I received all the information required to proceed, including what documents I needed to collect for the application process. All of my questions were answered. It was a pleasure to work with such a professional. I am very thankful to Susanne Mooij. I will definitely recommend her highly professional service to whomever needs it.

Lisa Zhukova | Contemporary Dancer & Dance Teacher - Russia

The successful execution of my Artist Visa application is all due to Stephan Roelofs clear instructions and guidance.

It was a very nice experience to work with Stephan. He provided a to-do list and scheduled necessary appointments. Stephan's expertise on immigration law is accurate and effective. There is no doubt I will contact Stephan again if I have any immigration issues in the future.

Pao Hui Kao | Artist and Material Researcher - Taiwan

Susanne Mooij made what could have been a difficult, stressful and confusing immigration process, very straightforward and easy.

She guided me through each step of the visa process. She was always there for any questions I had. Whenever anyone asks me how to immigrate to The Netherlands, I recommend Susanne Mooij for personal legal advice.

Elyse Louise Corcoran | Saxophonist - U.S.A.

After spending more than ten years in The Netherlands as a freelance singer, Stephan Roelofs helped me to successfully transition from a Self-Employed Artist status to a Permanent Resident status.

After just one consultation with Stephan, my life became so much easier. I provided the required information and he did the rest. This meant I could focus on my work without having to go through the stressful and daunting process of applying on my own. Throughout the process, I felt I could trust that Stephan's expertise would yield a positive result. Which it did!

Stefanie True | Soprano - Canada

I am video artist and filmmaker at the Louis Hothothot Studio. I received my visa through Stephan’s help. This guy is a serious, effective and experienced immigration lawyer...who also has a good sense of humor!

Yu Liu | Artist, Writer, Designer at Louis Hothothot Studio - China