Artists & Musicians

Stephan Roelofs is a great professional!

He smoothly and successfully managed the challenge of obtaining a Freelance Artist Visa for me. If you need to deal with immigration matters to stay and work in The Netherlands, he is the first one to ask for help.

Ekaterina Shushakova | Performance artist - Russia

Stephan Roelofs has helped me with the application process for a Permanent Residency Permit in The Netherlands.

In the most professional and relaxed manner, he explained to me all the requirements, and took care of the entire procedure. I highly recommend his services, and I will certainly use them again in the future, when necessary.

Ilya Ziblat Shay | Composer, Bassist & Researcher - Israel

Stephan Roelofs helped me to build up my confidence for getting a

Freelance Artist Visa with a sense of flexibility and confidence.

Yaolan Luo | Web Editor & Interdisciplinair Designer - China

After acquiring both my Bachelor and Master degrees at the Koninklijk Conservatorium in The Hague, I became a freelance musician performing throughout Europe.

After much consideration, I decided to undertake the difficult process of becoming a permanent resident in The Netherlands. I was directed to Stephan Roelofs by numerous colleagues. I cannot recommend him more highly. I provided Stephan with all the relevant documentation and he took care of the rest. He saved me time and stress. I was approved in only two months. If I had known it was going to be that easy, I would have contacted him sooner.

Anton Morrison Baba | Cellist - Australia

It was a relief to meet Stephan Roelofs when I needed legal help to stay in The Netherlands to develop my dream career.

He was most helpful, patient and kind when offering his perceptive, professional opinions. He made a very stressful and unsettling artist visa process feel solid and promising. To every artist who needs legal guidance, I recommend Stephan.

Aiwen Yin | Video Artist & Experience Designer - China

Stephan Roelofs advised me, in a moment when I was faced with a ten day deadline to leave the country.

At that time he found a very good solution for me to be able to stay in The Netherlands. For that I am very grateful. We often forget how cruel immigration laws can be. It is good to know that there are people like Stephan Roelofs who are willing to help. Because of his advise, I am still here in The Netherlands.

Teresa Maria Diaz Nerio | Visual & Performance Artist - Dominican Republic

I had been working in Germany under contract for two years, and wanted to shift my base to The Netherlands to do freelance dance work.

After attempting to navigate the immigration process on my own, without much progress, I was recommended to Stephan Roelofs by a colleague. He explained all of the requirements and the application process in a very transparent matter. After speaking with him just once, I was filled with confidence that my desire to live and work in The Netherlands was within reach. Once I decided to go through with the application, Mr. Roelofs made the process efficient and straight-forward. He filled out all of the government forms for me and made my appointments with the IND, which was already a big stress-reliever. He was always happy to answer my questions and quick to reply to my e-mails. I received updates from him throughout the entire process, and he also held me accountable for deadlines. My application was accepted, and I am successfully working as a freelancer dancer in The Netherlands. I would highly recommend Mr. Roelofs to anyone with a similar situation to mine.

Julie Kaye | Performing Artist - U.S.A.

In 2008, I graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Due to a lack of opportunities in my own country, Belarus, as well as a difficult political situation, I decided to continue my professional artist career in The Netherlands.

That is when I asked for help from Stephan Roelofs. He has faithfully guided me in the immigration process with great professionalism, as well as with a kind human touch.

Lena Soulkovskaia | Visual Artist - Belarus

After consulting with three different lawyers, I decided to work with Stephan Roelofs in order to obtain my Dutch Resident Permit.

I could have never been happier with my choice. With his incredible intelligence and precise attention to every detail (my case wasn't a piece of cake... that's how he put it), we succeeded. Very soon I am going to be a Dutch citizen. He is highly professional and knowledgeable in what he does. I definitely recommend him!

Aftab Darvishi | Composer, Pianist & Vocalist - Iran

After some years living in Amsterdam, in 2012, I graduated from the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam.

I pursued my career in Holland with exhibitions and project invitations. But I also had art project commissions from London, Paris and New York. All seemed good. That’s when I realized that it was time for me to settled in Holland. I met Stephan Roelofs from Adam&Wolf, who sharply and strongly supported me, in obtaining a Freelance Artist Visa. I really appreciate his professional attitude and experience.

Jay S. | Jewellery Designer & Curator - China