Artists & Musicians

I have had a very pleasant and fruitful experience working with Stephan Roelofs. He is always very friendly.

At the same time, to the point. I could always rely on Stephan to take care of my legal status while I was concentrating on my music and concerts.

Vital Stahievitch | Concert Pianist - Belarus

After a long period of study to acquire bachelor and masters degrees as a jazz guitarist, I was confronted with legal difficulties when trying to obtain a resident permit.

For artists who are not from EU countries, this can be very stressful. After my graduation from the Rotterdam Conservatory, I experienced extreme difficulties in securing a legal stay in Holland. I visited several law firms to try to make progress with my application. Despite all of my attempts, I received a negative decision from the IND, along with a letter demanding that I leave the country within 28 days. Meeting Stephan Roelofs for assistance was my last hope. And thankfully, it became the turning point of my stressful journey. Even from the first meeting, I could feel that he was the most credible one amongst all the lawyers I had previously experienced. Every step of the procedure was remarkably clear, and every question I came up with was explicitly answered. He approached my case very proficiently, with a helpful, straight-forward attitude. Therefore, not a single second was wasted. For anyone who is confronting difficulties in securing a legal stay in Holland, I’d recommend no other lawyer than Stephan Roelofs to assist you.

Jun-Hyung An | Jazz Guitarist & Composer - South-Korea

I am a visual artist and independent designer. In 2016, I graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven, and previously from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam in 2013.

Stephan helped me to apply for a Freelance Artist Visa after my graduation. He is very patient and easy to communicate with. He has a wealth of experience guiding artists through the Dutch legal system. With his professional service, I received my Artist Visa in a very organized and thorough way.

Jing He | Artist & Contextual Designer - China

I have lived in The Netherlands for nine years. I came here as a student to study at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague.

Thanks to the services of Stephan Roelofs, I can happily remain here to work. First, he helped me to apply for and receive a Freelance Artist Visa, and later a Permanent Residence Permit. In both cases, it was not an easy process, and I would never have been able to accomplish it on my own. In both cases, Stephan knew exactly what documents were needed and what procedures would and won’t work to be successful. While gathering the needed papers, letters of recommendations, etc., I even received additional interesting projects and invitations to work. I recommend him to anyone.

Luba Podgayskaya | Pianist - Russia

Stephan Roelofs represented me during my application for a Freelance Artist Visa and my Dutch citizenship application procedure.

He accurately specified the requirements, necessary procedures and indicated the accurate duration of the process. The whole process worked out exactly as he predicted. All the procedures took place on time and with no problems. He is wonderful to work with… clear, precise, professional, and personally very helpful. Without a doubt, I would highly recommend him.

Ron Amir | Art Painter & Photographer - Israel

The service I received from Stephan Roelofs was very fast, informative and efficient. It was much better than any other law firm that I had worked with previously.

The situation looked hopeless to me, but Stephan made the legal process succeed very quickly. If I had to look for a professional on immigration, there's no other person I would go to. I recommended Stephan to everyone I know. They are all satisfied and happy with the service they received.

David Bordeleau | Cellist - Canada

Being classical musicians, from an immigration point of view, the legal path for our family wasn’t clear cut.

Nevertheless, with Stephan’s help we were able to put together a very solid and strong case, which allowed us to obtain visas to live and work in The Netherlands. Stephan was very professional and he knew from what angle to approach our unique case. As a result, we were able to put our complete trust in his hands, never doubting that everything would work out. Stephan was exactly what we needed to deliver successful results. We highly recommend him and would certainly use his services again.

Alexander & Zorica Gavrylyuk | Concert Pianist/Artist Manager - Australia

Working with Stephan Roelofs was great! He made the whole process very smooth. After working with other lawyers, who I wasn't happy with, I found Stephan through a friend.

From the beginning he was very clear about the entire process. He gained my trust instantly, so I put the entire legal process in his hands. Due to Stephan's professionalism and reliability, I was able to relax and focus on my career. In only a few months I received a positive result. His work made it possible for me to continue my work as an active drummer, musician, artist and teacher in The Netherlands. Thank you, Stephan!

Luis Mora Matus | Drummer & Composer - Chile

It was a great pleasure working with Stephan Roelofs, both professionally and personally.

He helped me to achieve my desire to live and work in The Netherlands as an self-employed artist. As a satisfied client, I have recommended other graduates, in a similar situation, to Stephan Roelofs.

Ting Gong | Fashion Designer & Artist - China

Stephan Roelofs helped me immensly in settling in The Netherlands. He clearly understood my entire situation.

He advised me on all the procedures I needed to fullfil, to acquire my legal status and continue my career as a visual artist. He even encouraged me in my artists quest. It was only after I had spoken with other fellow artsts, who attempted to go through the same legal procedure, that I understood how smoothly it went for me, and how lucky I was to have Stephan helping me. I still recommend him to artists who wish to stay in The Netherlands, because I know, that if he takes the case, it can not go wrong.

Mirko Lazović | Visual Artist - Serbia