Artists & Musicians

I am grateful that I had Stephan Roelofs to help me with my application for the artist visa.

After graduating from the conservatory, I was worried about how I could continue staying in The Netherlands to develop my career. Reading tons of immigration information on my own, and hearing stressful experiences from my friends was not only confusing, but also intimidating. So that’s when I recognised that professional assistance was definitely necessary. That’s when I arranged a consultation with Stephan. During the consultation, after asking about my background, he knew immediately what I needed to apply. And because of his in-depth experience, he was confident about knowing the success of my future situation right away. He quickly completed my application package and sent it immediately to the authorities. In the end, my application was approved! I am sure people sharing a similar experience like mine will benefit from Stephan’s highly efficient, quality work. In the future, I would be happy to ask for his help again.

Ka Foon Francis Ng | Classical Singer - Hong Kong

I was grateful to have been in contact with Stephan during the time I was sorting out my artist visa application.

I had a couple of options, but he advised me well regarding which visa would be the best choice for me long-term. Stephan had had plenty of experience with artists with backgrounds/situations similar to mine, so I trusted his expertise and felt reassured and confident throughout the entire application process. For anyone looking for some peace of mind during the visa application process, I would highly recommend Stephan Roelofs.

Bianca Carague | Social Designer - Philippines

My name is Lucas Santana. I am 28 years old, Brazilian and a self-employed musician. I can certainly recommend Mr. Roelofs services with great confidence.

At the end of my studies at Conservatorium of Amsterdam, I had to find a way to apply for an artist visa to be able to continue working in The Netherlands. Mr. Roelofs and his office staff provided everything I needed for my immigration case, so everything happened In the best way possible. I can only recommend him and his services with a guarantee for great legal assistance.

Lucas Santana Figueiredo | Saxofonist & Flute Player - Brazil