Artists & Musicians

Being a musician during the corona virus crisis didn't provide me with much optimism or hope for gaining an opportinity to stay in The Netherlands as a self-employed artist.

The amount of musical projects I was involved with was less than usual. I had a lot of second thoughts about my chances of being positively assessed for getting my visa. But after my first talk with Stephan Roelofs, my way of thinking changed completely. He gave me very clear information about what I needed to do to successfully apply. Everything ended up going smoothly. Several colleagues had recommended Stephan’s services to me. I am very grateful that he helped me with my entire situation. Without him, I would have struggled. So today, I can sincerely recommend Stephan Roelofs. He will make your life easier.

Davor Stehlik | Jazz Guitarist & Composer - Serbia

After graduating from the Design Academy Eindhoven, I decided to start my own studio. My friends suggested that I contact Stephan Roelofs regarding the self-employed artist visa.

Stephan is very professional. He completely guides you through the entire visa process, so I found it easy to work with him. My case turned out to be successful! Talking from my experience, I would most definitely recommend Stephan to anyone looking for an immigration lawyer, especially if you have an art or design background.

Polina Baikina | Design Research & Development - Russia

While I was moving to The Netherlands, the thought of researching and handling all of the necessary steps for acquiring my residency was extremely daunting, especially because I was so occupied with my work.

Stephan did a wonderful job of explaining the process and all of the steps he would be taking on my behalf. He also gave me the occasional prodding necessary to get my application across the finish line. I’m very happy that I enlisted Stephan Roelofs’ help. I’d recommend his services to anyone, anytime!

Adam Rapa | Trumpeter & Composer/Arranger - U.S.A.

In my case, I received help and support from Stephan in getting a freelancer’s visa after finishing my search year.

And, it wasn’t easy to get as a person who is not from EU zone. The process to apply the visa was well-organized by Stephan. I was really satisfied on how he explained the journey for the process on the basis varied cases he made. To be frank, if you are from a non-eu country, I’d say that Adam & Wolf can guide you with precise legal info and necessary data to make your application successful.

Min Young Choi | Food Designer - South-Korea

I would like to express my appreciation for Stephan Roelofs’ help with my immigration case. I had consulted several lawyers before reaching out to Stephan.

Unlike the others, he was able to provide me with the confidence that he had all the necessary knowledge and experience to handle my unique case…and that he would help me without any hesitation. During the entire process, Stephan patiently guided me, making me feel confident and optimistic about the success of my case. I highly recommend Stephan to all of his potential clients.

Zheng Sun | Erhu Musician - China

Stephan provided me with support and help during my Self Employed Residence Permit process. As a visual artist and graphic designer, it was difficult to position myself in the Dutch bureaucratic system.

Stephan gave me clear and precise guidance on how to prepare my documents and portfolio. Stephan not only helped me facilitate my document process, he also supported me with my conviction to stay and live as an artist in The Netherlands. Overall, his guidance gave me an ease and trust to focus on my artistic endevours. I can highly recommend Stephan to assist you with any questions and support about immigrating to The Netherlands.

Bin Koh | Visual Artist & Graphic Designer - South Korea

From the beginning, Stephan was very professional, adaptable, and super knowledgeable on the process of how to obtain the Dutch artist permit. When I approached Stephan, I was in a dire situation.

My residency situation was quite complex. I had waited to the last minute to renew my search year permit into an artist permit. Luckily, he was very helpful and gave me great advice, not only on the permit, but also what job prospects I should take in order to expedite the process. He was constantly communicative as we waited for the permit to be approved. Stephan answered every single email quickly and efficiently. I really felt like I was in good hands and luckily received my permit during Corona pandemic. I will definitely return to Stephan for my renewal. I whole-heartedly recommend his services. Applying for the artist permit Is a very time consuming process and tricky, especially if you’re a new emerging artist. So it is worth hiring Stephan for this service, as you will be in good hands.

Sydney Rahimtoola | Photographer & Filmmaker - U.S.A.

A great big thanks to my immigration lawyer, Stephan Roelofs! From the beginning, he was very professional in guiding me and helping me with all the necessary questions and documents.

I wouldn’t have been able to get my visa without him! I highly recommend him to all of you!

Wan-ru Cheng | Violinist - Taiwan

Stephan is very professional, responsible and reliable. I recently received my artist visa because of his advice and guidance.

I am so grateful that I was able to work on the visa process with him. Because I had started a master program, I had been provided with a student visa. I didn’t expect that I was going to receive an artist visa any time soon. But thanks to Stephan, the visa process went smoothly. With Stephan’s guidance, it was clear and straightforward. I recommend his service!

Seulbin Roh | Installation Artist - South Korea

I started working with Stephan after my first self-employed artist immigration application was rejected by the IND. As an artist you need special documents and a special application style,

which I wasn't aware of until I had my first meeting with Stephan. He is definitely very knowledgeable about artists, the cultural sector in The Netherlands, and how it works with immigration applications. I am super happy that I worked with him and I will continue to work with him if I need any legal advice or issues to solve in the future.

Dirge Seçil Kuran | Classical & Contemporary Percussionist - Turkey