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At Adam & Wolf Immigration Law Firm, our lawyers have the knowledge and the experience to guide our clients through complicated Dutch immigration proceedings with confidence. We are committed to helping individuals, families, businesses and entrepreneurs reside in The Netherlands and build successful futures.

Immigration law constantly changes and evolves. Adam & Wolf attorneys approach each case with a firm understanding of the most current developments in Dutch immigration law. Our integrity and dedication to our clients and community are always at the forefront of our legal practice. We are well known, throughout The Netherlands, for our professionalism and fair representation.


Stephan Roelofs | Attorney

Stephan Roelofs has extensive experience in Dutch and European immigration law. Prior to becoming co-founder and partner of Adam & Wolf Immigration Lawyers, he worked as a legal representative for the IND, the Dutch Immigration Service, for three years. In 2001, he became a partner at Everaert Immigration Lawyers in Amsterdam. Stephan has been responsible for expanding residency options for Americans and Japanese as well as, for airline personnel, skilled freelancers, and Highly Skilled Migrant Workers. He has assisted numerous foreign musicians and artists in obtaining work and residency permits. Stephan also specializes in family reunification cases.

Stephan regularly publishes articles on immigration law.

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Susanne Mooij, Attorney

Susanne Mooij | Attorney

Susanne Mooij has been practicing Dutch and European immigration law since 2007. Prior to becoming co-founder and partner of Adam & Wolf, she practiced immigration law for nine years with Everaert Immigration Lawyers in Amsterdam. Susanne’s clientele consists of Highly Skilled Migrant Workers, professionals in the creative industries, such as artists, musicians, dancers, as well as, sport professionals. Susanne also specializes in counseling entrepreneurs who wish to reside and set up businesses in The Netherlands, especially those from the United States and Japan. Furthermore, she assists Dutch expats who wish to return to The Netherlands.

Susanne is a well-known expert on Dutch Nationality Law. The media, politicians and interest groups of former Dutch nationals regularly ask her to comment on the latest developments in this ever-changing area of law.

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Sevil Karadag

Sevil Karadag | Of Counsel

Sevil Karadag works as an independent attorney at Karadag Advocatuur ( She works as of counsel at Adam & Wolf. Sevil monitors the practice in the absence of one of the lawyers and supports Adam & Wolf in busy times.


Kyugo Wakamatsu | Business Developer

After Wakamatsu completed his university studies in Japan, he spent four years in London studying English and tourism. In 2001, he joined Gassan Diamonds in Amsterdam to assist Japanese tourists visiting The Netherlands.

Wakamatsu went on to create 'QTG Services' to provide Japanese translation and interpretation services. Since 2010, he has worked as an interpreter and translator for the legal profession.



Meier Boersma | Business consultant

Since 2010, Meier Boersma has been working as a business consultant and strategist, providing solid advice to foreign entrepreneurs who wish to start a business in The Netherlands.

He specializes in the preparation of business plans and provides expert advice on Dutch regulations, financing, tax procedures, as well as, strategic marketing development.

Boersma supports the Dutch creative industry. He is involved in a variety of creative enterprises such as Gallery Vriend van Bavink and This Art Fair in Amsterdam.


Jorrit Rijpma, Advisor European Migration Law

Jorrit Rijpma | Advisor European Migration Law

Jorrit Rijpma is an advisor for European Migration Law for Adam & Wolf. Rijpma joined the Europa Institute of Leiden University in 2009, as a senior university lecturer of European law. He is a member of the Meijers Committee, the standing committee of experts on international immigration, refugee and criminal law. He was a visiting professor at Koç University in Istanbul and Hastings College of Law in San Francisco, California.



Laurie Howland Heckman | Executive Communications Director

Laurie Howland Heckman is an American who has spent her career in the communications industry. Working internationally, she has provided services for both businesses and non-profit organizations.

Heckman organizes lectures, seminars and events to provide immigrants, expat clubs, business owners and entrepreneurs, crucial information about Dutch law.


The advocates listed below have registered the following principal (and secondary) legal practice areas in the Netherlands Bar’s register of legal areas:

a. Stephan Roelofs is registered for Immigration law;
b. Susanne Mooij is registered for Immigration law;
c. Sevil Karadag is registered for Immigration law.


Our legal services

At Adam & Wolf, we pride ourselves on providing excellent service, backed collectively by thirty years of immigration experience. We have a deep understanding of Dutch immigration laws and procedures. We know what the decision makers expect and demand. To begin your legal process, our immigration attorneys take the time to fully understand the goals for both your work and family life in The Netherlands, and create strategies for meeting each goal quickly and effectively.

As your advocates, we carefully guide you through the complex legal immigration process, continually informing you about your case and answering your questions.


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