Stephan Roelofs was invaluable in helping me to settle in The Netherlands. I had had the pleasure of meeting Stephan four years prior to my arrival. I found him to be highly professional, sincere, as well as easygoing.

He personally kept me informed, every step of the way, of the progress of my residency case. And he was quick to respond to all of my questions. Stephan exceeded my expectations by facilitating a dialog between my Netherlands and USA based financial advisors, to ensure that we had all of the necessary documentation for the Dutch immigration authorities. The peace of mind I received, as a result of his guidance, was incalculable. I have since referred several friends to Stephan and would recommend him, without hesitation, to any potential clients looking for a dedicated immigration attorney.

Bill Zimmerman | Entrepreneur

When I discovered that I was no longer considered an ‘Oud-Nederlander,’ a Dutch Citizen, I tried to navigate through the Dutch immigration system myself with little success. Thankfully, a friend recommended Susanne Mooij.

She is very professional, deeply knowledgeable in the latest immigration laws. and easy to work with. When Susanne decided to leave her former employer and start her own law practice, I decided to move with her. I will soon be able to live in The Netherlands again as a Dutch citizen, thanks to Susanne.

Christine van den Brink | Pilot

Stephan Roelofs was referred to me by another American, who called him “probably the best immigration attorney in Amsterdam.” He lived up to that description.

Stephan serviced me through all the necessary DAFT procedures, over a four year period, without fail and without a hitch. He was very clear about what I needed to do, and was very patient and reassuring as well. He also gave me good advice when I needed an accountant. I wouldn’t use another immigration lawyer.

Brent McDonald | Entrepreneur

I am so thankful that I found Stephan Roelofs. He’s been a pleasure to work with. Immigrating to another country can be an intimidating process.

Stephan made it much less so. Stephan helped me acquire two visas, a two-year visa through the Dutch American Friendship Treaty, and yet another visa when my partner and I were married. He set proper expectations about how long the process would take, laid out what steps I needed to follow, and inform me about the status of my case with the IND when I would request updates. The last time I worked with Stephan, the IND approved our application within two weeks without any questions! I attribute that to Stephan’s organizational skills. He told me exactly what was required, and reviewed everything thoroughly once it was submitted. I like Stephan as a person. He’s forthright, optimistic and has a great sense of humor. The Dutch word for lawyer is advocaat, which to me sounds very similar to advocate. That’s exactly what he was... an advocate for me. I wholeheartedly endorse Stephen for this reason.

Amy Fuller | Program Specialist

I am a recent client of Stephan Roelofs, whose services I strongly endorse. I was in quite a unique situation. While living in the US, I attempted to organize my immigration to be with my partner in the Netherlands.

Reviewing the piles of Dutch legal forms required to receive a visa, we quickly realized that we would not be able to accomplish this on our own. Stephan was able to quickly advise us on what was required. He accomodated all of our needs, arranging all of the necessary papers and appointments much faster than we could have hoped. Stephan made the entire immigration journey very easy for us.

Lee Neumann | Project Leader

When my family and I decided to reside in The Netherlands, we were faced with a complicated situation. We owned property, but we did not have legal residence status.

Susanne Mooij expertly addressed all of our unique needs, including identifying the best path, out of several options, for us to remain here legally. I was so intimidated by the complxity of the official requirements! But Ms Mooij thoughtfully guided us through every legal procedure, arranged for the critical documents needed to support our application, and on a personal level, gave us the reassurance that, should we need a Plan B, she would create one to make sure our goals would be realized. Thankfully, we did not need a Plan B! Ms Mooij's advice, legal proficiency, clear communication and frankly, her ability to explain even the most complex scenarios, allowed us to obtain our legal residence without any complications! We are grateful to have found such an excellent immigration attorney. We will absolutely be retaining her again when we are ready to apply for our permanent residence.

Kristy Gabriel | Entrepreneur

I am very grateful for the services Stephan Roelofs provided me, while pursuing my Dutch residency, to open an equestrian company in the Netherlands. He made the necessary immigration procedures very clear, concise and efficient.

Anytime I had a question or doubt, Stephan had a timely, confident response. I continue to be impressed with how smoothly the immigration process proceeded. Without a doubt, I will return to Stephan for any future immigration issues. He will always be my first recommendation to others who need the same!

Robyn Leigh Walden | Operator at Robyn Walden International

I am the founder of a professional Life Coaching company called Steps to Significance; this business was legally established here in the Netherlands under the Dutch American Friendship Treaty (DAFT) through the legal services of Stephan Roelofs.

Several years ago, after travelling in and out of The Netherlands, I grew fond of the place and wanted to find a way to stay. I sought the services of several different attorneys over the course of two years; Mr. Roelofs was the first and only attorney that was able to counsel me into the best immigration strategy and process for me. He advised me, as an individual, to take a business immigration route given my expertise and my professional ambitions here in Holland. As a US citizen, his services made me feel uniquely cared for. In addition, he helped find and define the best immigration plan for me; he then assisted me in drawing-up the most professional papers which presented my case in a favorable light to the Netherlands immigration authorities. His great level of knowledge in immigration law made him an invaluable resource. He facilitated the entire process for me, as well as referred me to other Dutch experts that I would have had no way of finding on my own, such as a reliable accountant. What had taken years to scratch the surface of, was completed in less than a year’s time. In my personal opinion, not only is Stephan Roelofs worth his cost, his expert services will save you time and energy when navigating through the Dutch foreign immigration culture and process. Working with Stephan will leave you feeling confident and secure.

Leslie Afflack | Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Trainer

Stephan, your service was exceptional. You communicated personal interest in my immigration application, you were knowledgeable, task oriented, goal focused and clear and concise in your counsel.

I felt confident knowing that you were handling my issues with the Dutch immigration service, advising me each step of the way with helpful and timely advice. I also found you cost effective and careful with my legal dollars. You were realistic, but always positive and optimistic. I would highly recommend your services to anyone seeking quality and professional immigration services.

Patrick McCoy | Entrepreneur

Stephan Roelofs took great care of us in our unique immigration situation. With his expertise and service it was easy to accomplish what otherwise would have been a daunting and time-consuming task.

Uncertainty and confusion were alleviated through his clear and concise explanations. All of the bureaucratic processes were personally attended to by Stephan which ensured a smooth and enjoyable experience. We highly recommend his services to those requiring a simple and professional solution to their immigration needs.

Braden Unruh & Nick Ogden | Musicians