Stephan Roelofs represented me during my immigration from the USA to The Netherlands. He carried and supported me throughout all of my legal dealings with the IND which were often very challenging; requiring extensive legal expertise as well as an enormous amount of patience.

Mr. Roelofs made the entire process much easier by expertly handling all the phases of my immigration. I was very pleased with his legal proficiency, his knowledge of the Dutch immigration system, as well as his friendly support. I highly recommend Stephan Roelofs as a great legal representative to assist you in your transition to The Netherlands.

Bill Piccolo | Operations Manager

Susanne Mooij is a force of nature. I have had the pleasure of working with her twice in the past three years. In 2013, I first worked with Ms. Mooij to set up my "sole proprietorship," a creative business under the American Friendship Treaty Law.

She was incredibly thorough and diligent with all of the complicated immigration procedures, that I had to file for my work status in order to obtain a Dutch residency permit. She was always available via phone and email to immediately address all of my worries and questions.

Last year, I happily hired Susan Mooij to renew my residency status. Once again, she was extremely meticulous. She helped me to deliver all the necessary paperwork way ahead of the deadline. In the beginning of 2016, I had my residency status extended until 2020! I look forward to working with Susanne again for my next residency renewal. I highly recommend Susan Mooij for immigration service and legal consulting. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with such a sensitive matter.

Anna Addison | Founder / Creative Director MAD CONSORT

I met Stephan Roelofs when I arrived in The Netherlands a few years ago and needed to acquire a DAFT immigration residency permit.

He helped me through the entire process, including all the complicated steps involved with the Immigration and Naturalization Department in The Netherlands. i.e. bank requirements, legal documentation needed, etc. He stayed in contact with me throughout the application process and made certain that everything was completed and filed in a timely fashion. He was easy to work with, professional at all times, and very informed of all aspects of Dutch immigration law. I ultimately received my DAFT residency permit without any problems. I would recommend Stephan Roelofs to any US citizen moving to The Netherlands with any type of immigration needs.

William Mistler | Entrepreneur

As with any major life decision, when my partner, Jan, and I decided that I would relocate to The Netherlands, there were plenty of people willing to offer advice and assistance. Some insisted that we could find our way through the Dutch immigration system with no legal guidance.

But we never doubted our need to enlist a professional lawyer. To be together in Holland was the most important decision we would make as a couple. We were so fortunate to find Stephan, a true professional. He clearly knows the intricate legal processes and not only deals with, but anticipates issues that may arise related to the specifics of an individual’s situation. Perhaps even more important, he is able to provide comfort and care while always maintaining his professionalism. When putting such a delicate and important life situation in someone else’s hands, it is not necessary to settle for less. We have recommended Stephan to others and will continue to do so.

Marsha Hagney | NonProfit and Trade Association Executive

Hire Susanne. It’s that simple. Moving from the USA to The Netherlands, with a family of five in 2015 for a six-month work project, had enough challenges.

I did not need more. I was naïve to think I could execute immigration law procedures on my own. I was quickly buried in requirements and forms from governmental agencies that I did not understand. I was relieved and very thankful to find Ms. Mooij, who immediately stepped up to the challenge to save us.

Susanne made the procedures simple to understand. She told me what I needed to know and made it clear what I needed to do. She guided us through every step of the immigration process. She helped complete our IND requirements with birth certificates, apostilles, academic certifications, and the list goes on. We received my work permit and our residency cards without any hiccups. It was wonderful to have her working on our side with her expertise and guidance. It allowed me to focus on my work and allowed my family to simply enjoy their time in Amsterdam. Thank you, Susanne.

Doug Verduzco | Entrepreneur

It was a pleasure to work with Mr. Roelofs. As an American and business owner, my standards for customer service is high.

His expertise and service far surpassed my expectations. I am currently living in Maastricht thanks to Mr. Roelofs’ assistance in my and my family's residency. I fully recommend his expertise to anyone who needs an immigration attorney. His service was always timely and precise.

Ivet Ruiz | Owner Cami Salon, Miami Beach

Susanne Mooij is a very professional immigration lawyer. She was instrumental in helping us acquire a working residency permit through the DAFT agreement

Susanne provided thorough explanations to all of our questions, and as additional questions developed, she always responded in a timely fashion. If you are looking for a highly knowledgeable, professional and personable immigration lawyer, Susanne is your person!

Tilly | Entrepreneur

In 2007, our family moved to The Netherlands for Shell. We resided here until June of 2012, at which time we moved to Switzerland. But after a few months, we realized that it hadn't been the best move for our teenage daughter.

It is then that we decided that I should move back to The Netherlands with her so that she could finish her final two years of High School at the American School in The Hague. As an American spouse of a European husband, I was struck with panic when the Dutch Immigration Service informed me that it would be very difficult for me to move back to The Netherlands without my husband. I contacted an American friend who had lived in Holland for many years. Luckily, he referred me to Stephan Roelofs. Stephan immediately put me at ease and told me that he could help. He was very straight forward with the amount of time that would be required on my case, the real likelihood of being able to attain a Dutch visa and the amount his services would cost. He carefully guided me through every step of the legal process. Two days after my return to Holland, I had a stamp on my U.S. passport stating that my visa was in process and I that I would be allowed to work in The Netherlands. It was amazing! Two months later, Stephan had acquired a five year visa to continue to reside and work in The Netherlands. I was able to work as I previously had as a Conference Clerk for both the OPCW and the International Criminal Court, as well as to substitute teach at the American School. I highly recommend Stephan Roelofs. He is professional, very knowledgeable and approachable.

Adriana Blanc | Educational Management Professional

When moving to the US, we found that the US naturalization process is long, and the implications to my Dutch citizenship and that of our daughters is not well-defined by the Dutch government.

This can be nerve-racking. After contacting Susanne Mooij out of the blue, she helped me to understand the conditions under which I was allowed to keep my Dutch citizenship and the procedures necessary to obtain a “Verklaring Behoud Nederlanderschap.” We were also able to successfully apply for Dutch passports for our daughters. Thanks Susanne, for great assistance from abroad!

Pieter Wijsman | Program Manager Microsoft Issaquah, WA

I arrived in Holland from the United States in January 2011, as a ayurvedisch therapist. I attempted to execute the immigration requirements for the IND myself. But in December 2011, just before Christmas, I received a letter from the IND stating that I had to leave Holland within 28 days!

The only person with positive news that Christmas season was Stephan Roelofs. He was able to arrange all of my immigration needs for both me and my son to remain in Holland. Last year, I was married. Again, I employed Stephan Roelofs to make the necessary legal changes for my residency. If ever I am faced with an immigration issue in the future, I will not hesitate to contact Stephan Roelofs

Gabriella Attianese | Entrepreneur