When our family decided to relocate from the United States to The Netherlands, there were many legal immigration procedures involved in the transition.

Hiring Susanne Mooij was perhaps one of the best decisions our family made in making this transition more manageable. She handled and continues to handle our immigration questions with exemplary, detailed and professional care. We highly recommend her services to anyone considering relocating to Holland.

Peter Ku | Business Coach

Working with Stephan Roelofs made what had been, up until that time, a long,

difficult, confusing process, very simple and fast. If only I had found him years ago!

Eric Sell | Entrepreneur

Stephan Roelofs assisted me in acquiring Dutch residence permits for me and my daughter. I found him to be extremely knowledgable and professional.

He explained every step of the process and handled all the paperwork required by the IND ahead of our arrival. Within six weeks of arriving in The Netherlands, we had our official residence cards. I highly recommend Stephan Roelofs’ legal immigration services.

A. O'Connell | International Business Consultant

Living and working in The Netherlands for several years was a great privilege and wonderful experience for me. As I needed legal help to properly register and eventually deregister from the City Hall, IND and Chamber of Commerce, I received outstanding help from Susanne Mooij.

Whether answering my many questions via phone call or email, communicating with government offices, or informing me of what legal procedures I needed to follow, Susanne was unfailingly prompt, precise, professional and personally very helpful.

Any concerns I had Susanne readily answered. I always felt extremely confident that my case was properly handled. The excellent results gave me great peace of mind. I am immensely thankful to Susanne and Adam & Wolf Immigration Lawyers for their expertise. With no reservation, I would highly recommend Susanne and Adam & Wolf for any immigration law needs in The Netherlands! Thank you so very much, for your wonderful work!

Timothy Birney | Entrepreneur

For over four years, my wife and I traveled to The Netherlands to visit close friends and to find a place where I could set up my own company, to fulfill a niche in the Dutch market place.

Once we had found the property we were looking for, we reached out to Stephan Roelofs for legal advice. From our very first meeting, Stephan knew exactly how to structure our legal needs. He was extremely knowledgeable, efficient and attentive to every question that we had during the procedures. It is because of these aforementioned qualities that Stephan possesses, that today we have the life we were seeking. In summation, there is just one name in immigration law services in The Netherlands that one needs to know… and that name is Stephan Roelofs.

Michael Korting | Consultant

I found myself needing to secure residency in the EU with a bit of urgency. I was referred to Susanne Mooij by my agent in New York City. From the get-go, she streamlined the procedures.

Susanne laid everything out in front of me, guided me through what needed to be done and coached me through all of my interviews. The process was, to say the very least, painless. I now live in Amsterdam full-time and love my situation. I could NOT have accomplished this without Susanne’s expertise and her patience with me and my very busy schedule.

Adam Katz Sinding | Fashion Photographer

Stephan Roelofs was a brilliant help to me. Despite living in The Netherlands for several years, my desire to switch from being formally employed to becoming an entrepreneur presented a risk to my Dutch residency status.

I had unfortunately neglected my legal responsibilities for some time, increasing my risk of deportation. Stephan quickly responded, presented legal options and then smoothly guided me through the correct procedures. With much thanks to Stephan, I now look forward to a successful future in the country I've grown to love, Holland.

Jenifer Buffington | Entrepreneur

We have had excellent results working with Susanne Mooij.

She literally accomplished goals for us that other attorneys said could not be done.

Scott Hill | Entrepreneur

Stephan Roelofs was recommended to me for his services, to help me immigrate to The Netherlands. He made it a clean-cut process.

He was very informative on all the legal procedures required. If I had to do it all over again, I would not hesitate to hire Stephan Roelofs.

Shawn Casady | Equestrian Professional

I contacted a dozen immigration law firms in The Netherlands, for help in determining whether I had inherited Dutch citizenship from my immigrant grandfather. I received responses from only a few of the many firms.

Susanne Mooij was the first to respond. She was immediately helpful and very knowledgable. She gave me a great deal of assistance during her free one-hour consultation service, something the other firms did not offer. It was an easy decision to contract her services to finish the investigation. Her research was thorough and her communication prompt and clear. I highly recommend Susanne Mooij’s services.

Ann Garbett | CFO of a nonprofit organization