We recommend working with Susanne Mooij for your immigration needs. She is professional, a good communicator and knowledgeable about all aspects of the immigration process.

In addition, she has a friendly personality. Since the topic of immigration is serious and highly important, it’s good to have a friendly voice helping you through the process.

Joe and Julianne Wilson | Management Consultants

I was a former Dutch citizen and wanted to renew my Dutch citizenship without giving up my US citizenship. For many people the Dutch rules are easy, but in my case it was complicated.

I tried several times to get through the system on my own, but to no avail. I was really frustrated and about to give up when I found Stephan Roelofs and his firm on an internet search. Stephan walked me through the process to regain my Dutch citizenship, but it didn't come without some effort. Stephan now has me on track to regain my citizenship in about 12 months. While it is still not completed, I have great confidence in his ability to navigate the system and put his clients in the most advantageous position possible. I don't think I could have done this without him. If you are in a similar situation, you won't be disappointed with the service and attention to detail Stephan gives his clients. Thanks Stephan, for all of your help.

John Charles De Ruiter | Entrepreneur

Stephan Roelofs is an expert in the immigration process when applying for a DAFT visa. I had a great feeling from the initial consultation—as he took me through every step of the process—from completing the application to providing the right documentation. He responded to all of my questions that I had along the way.

The process went smoothly and I received my residency within the expected time frame. I highly recommend his services. He is not only an immigration expert, he is professional, patient, and a good listener. I was feeling discouraged when I reached out to Stephan, but he immediately waylaid my fears. I am glad I chose to work with him.

Krystal K. Thompson | Teacher-Director

Stephan helped our family with our immigration from America to The Netherlands. With all of the other stresses of moving to another country, it was such a relief to know that the important legal paperwork was well taken care of.

He made the process feel simple and easy. When things seemed overwhelming, it was a comfort to know that there was a professional making sure we were doing everything the right way. Stephan was always quick to respond to emails and also took care of all our appointment bookings. His cost was a real value for the work done. I would highly recommend his services, so much so, that a year later he also handled my son's immigration.

Cynthia & Larry Wilson | Film Producer & Screenwriter

After making a series of application mistakes and receiving bad accounting advice, my wife and I were informed by an attorney that we had "NO CHANCE" of having our immigration visas approved.

Then we found Stephan Roelofs at Adam & Wolf Immigration Attorneys. He introduced us to an excellent accountant (who actually cared and fixed everything), which led to a successful visa approval. Stephen's guidance and communication was a 10 from beginning to end. He did exactly what he said he was going to do. The ultimate compliment.

Dan & Sherry Parks | CEO at Corporate Planners Unlimited, Inc.

I would highly recommend Stephan Roelofs to any professional looking to immigrate to The Netherlands. The Dutch civil service system can be daunting.

Due to Mr. Roelofs' fine and diligent work, we experienced little hassle with the immigration procedures. We plan on using his services again when it comes time to renew our permit.

Michael Sandler | Entrepreneur

When I was looking for a lawyer to assist me with my DAFT case, a friend recommended Adam & Wolf Immigration Attorneys. Stephan Roelofs helped me from the very beginning of the process.

He alleviated my concerns when explaining the requirements needed for the application. Then he arranged the necessary appointments and coached me through the complete visa process. I highly appreciate Stephan's help which lead to a successful outcome. Thanks, Stephan!

Karla Christina Perez | Freelance Digital Content Marketer

I almost tried to apply for a DAFT visa on my own,

but having Stephan's help and answers to my many questions ultimately made the whole process much clearer and stress free.

Ryan M. | Designer & Developer

Moving to The Netherlands from overseas under DAFT can become a hectic juggling act, when you're working,

trying to find housing, and navigating the often-uncertain vagaries of foreign immigration law, much of which isn't translated to English. Stephan Roelofs provided patient service and legal expertise, leaving us free to focus on the rest. I highly recommended him.

Nathan Simpson & Christina Chow | Co-Founder at Supzy

Dear Mr. Roelofs, I wanted to say thank you so much for your help in obtaining my residency permit while keeping my company, Sigafoose Ventures, constantly informed.

One of my biggest worries about moving to The Netherlands was organizing the necessary paperwork and appointments. Well, I worried for nothing. EVERYTHING has turned out amazing! Not only has this been the best decision of my life, it has been one of the easiest transitions I have made in moving from one country to another. (This was the third time I have moved to a foreign country.) I look forward to working with you again when it comes time to renew my residency permit for another five years. And who knows, maybe I'll apply for citizenship someday. I hope the coming year brings you much love, happiness and success.

Dr. Carey N. Pabouet-Sigafoose | Chiropractor-CEO at Gewoon Chiropractie