Being a student of a private institution, the school could not offer any assistance with a visa. After looking into the DAFT, I realized that doing it myself would be overwhelming.

Stephan Roelofs’ expertise and professionalism made the whole process a walk in the park and allowed me to focus on my studies. He was straight-forward with what he needed from me, where and when I needed to be for appointments, or if I had any questions regarding my case. I’ll definitely return to Stephan for any future needs. I’d highly recommend him to anyone looking to immigrate into The Netherlands.

Ethan Frantz | Freelance Audio Engineer & Music Producer

I am so very glad to have found Stephan Roelofs to help me with my DAFT application. He made the process unstressful, always clarified each step and was in constant communication with me

He went through all the official documents (which are in Dutch) and set up all appointments. Without his help it would’ve taken me twice as long to finish the application (if at all) and probably would have been twice as expensive. I’ve already referred him to friends interested in the DAFT. Bedankt, Stephan!

Rocky Hopson | Artistic Director for The Hat Tree Theatricals

Susanne Mooij was very helpful and swift in obtaining first, a residence permit, and later on a work permit. I had a difficult situation. Although my Dutch partner had a one-year contract, she earned just below the minimum salary requirements for my sponsorship.

Later on, it turned out that her employer had made a mistake that resulted in her not meeting the IND’s salary requirements. Susanne very methodically made a case that looked at my entire savings, as well as the mistake on my partner’s pay stubs. I am now happily working and have full access to the labor market. Susanne really walks you through everything and advocates for you. Immigration is a very daunting process but she made me feel accounted for and at ease.

D.L. Gintel | Writer & Editor

I could not be happier with the services provided by Stephan Roelofs. He handled my DAFT immigration case perfectly. He explained the entire process to me, and answered all of my many questions.

He turned what I thought was going to be a stressful process into a short, simple path to getting my residence permit and my own company here in The Netherlands. I don't think I could have done this all on my own. I truly have him to thank. I would highly recommend his immigration services for anyone looking to immigrate to The Netherlands.

Samantha Guthridge | Software Developer

Stephan Roelofs accomplished the seemingly impossible for me. Negative and extreme circumstances with my estranged Dutch spouse had hindered me (a US citizen) from renewing my residency permit (verblijfsvergunning) on a timely manner.

Thereby, at one point I was rendered technically speaking, as residing illegally in Holland. For many months, I was able to stay under the IND radar. I figured: so long as I did not leave Dutch/EU borders, the immigration authorities would be none the wiser....

But when my father unexpectedly fell deathly ill in the Philippines, I had to make a critical choice. Do I play safe (regarding my then illegal immigration status) and continue laying low in Holland, or do I visit my beloved father thereby seriously jeopardizing my possibility of ever returning back to Holland to be with my two young children?? In a panic I contacted Stephan Roelofs and laid out my situation. Stephan listened with utmost compassion and empathy. When I finished, he gently declared he had an elegant, albeit somewhat unconventional (though perfectly legal!) solution to my woes, namely DAFT: The Dutch-American Friendship Treaty which grants Americans the right to remain in The Netherlands while pursuing “entrepreneurial endeavors". Stephan acted quickly. He had set the ball rolling immediately with the local Chamber of Commerce. Once I had registered my "business" at the KVK, a DAFT application was duly submitted to the IND, and in a matter of days I was able to fly back to the Philippines to be by my dying father's side.... with the solid guarantee that I would be allowed to return to The Netherlands unhindered, regardless of my previous immigration status.

I am thus eternally grateful to the brilliantly able and competent Mr. Stephan Roelofs and his support team for assisting me in one of my darkest hours. Thank you, Stephan.

Angelica Pozon | Climbing Instructor

I was so fortunate to have found Susanne Mooij for my DAFT application. Susanne is extremely organized and knowledgeable regarding immigration law and other Dutch legal topics in general.

All the filing materials were prepared meticulously and in a timely manner. And the communication with Susanne was terrific throughout the entire process. Moving to a new country and setting up a business could be a terrifying experience. But with Susanne's expertise, competence and a wide professional network, you'll certainly be in good hands. I would recommend her services to anyone who considers the DAFT program.

Mr. Ford | Entrepreneur

I couldn’t recommend Stephan Roelofs and his legal team more! With utmost professionalism, he made the process of applying for a DAFT Visa simple, efficient and stress-free.

Thanks to him and his expertise, I am still happily living in The Netherlands and pursuing my dreams.

Elizabeth Connolly | Researcher

Stephan Roelofs was a true professional in successfully guiding us through the DAFT application process. Stephan’s policy of upfront and reasonable pricing, clear and decisive communication, fast response rate, and consistent ability to deliver results surpassed all expectations.

Two jaded New Yorkers, fresh off a career in corporate, tend to have unrealistic expectations of efficiency; yet we were continuously impressed with Stephan’s diligence and performance. We would undoubtedly work with Stephan again and recommend his services to others.

Leonid Kotlyar & Polina Nosik | Founders of DéWarrior Unlimited-Holistic Strategy Consulting

I decided to open a business in Amsterdam in January 2018, under the DAFT agreement. I had a great experience working with Stephan Roelofs.

His way of communicating was fast and efficient. His explanation of the immigration process was very straightforward and easy to understand. I would recommend Stephan and his firm to anyone seeking a clear and helpful means to deal with NL immigration policies.

Anne Rogers | Art & Innovation Consultant

Stephan Roelofs was very helpful in our move from the US to Amsterdam. While the Dutch immigration system is fairly straightforward, moving our entire family over in a short period of time was stressful.

With Stephan’s help, we knew our immigration hurdles were well taken care of. We highly recommend Stephan Roelofs for your immigration needs.

Natalia & Boaz Nur | Entrepreneur & Market Maker