I recently moved to The Netherlands via the Dutch American Friendship Treaty. I am so grateful to have had the help and professionalism of Susanne Mooij on my side.

Moving overseas and starting a business is complicated, so it was such a relief to have someone guide me throughout the process. Susanne made sure that I clearly understood and met each step along the way. She was always very prompt and kind in addressing any questions or issues that came up. Susanne provided me with a stress-free and successful visa application. I highly recommend Susanne and Adam & Wolf.

Morgan Catalina | Founder, Out-Of-Office

I am a U.S. citizen and attorney married to a Dutch citizen. I practice immigration law in the United States.

I retained Stephan Roelofs to represent me in obtaining a Dutch work visa. As an attorney in this field, I appreciate that Stephan executed all the necessary documentation with great professionalism. All I needed to do was show up. Everything that he told me was accurate. The visa was quickly approved. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to obtain a visa to work or live in Holland.

Jack Weisberg | Immigration Attorney

Susanne Mooij answered all of the questions my partner and I had concerning our move to The Netherlands. She was always very friendly and helpful.

She handled our case with professionalism from beginning to end. As a full-time business owner, our transition to The Netherlands was made infinitely easier by relying on her services. We couldn't have done it without her.

Hannah Fox | Entrepreneur

Stephan Roelofs helped us fulfill the requirements for the Dutch American Friendship Treaty visa. It seemed complicated to us, but with his expertise we completed all the requirements in a timely fashion.

We have the sought-after stamp in our passports, have established our business, obtained health insurance and the important BSN. The time he spent on our case was well-documented and the fees very reasonable. We look forward to working with Stephan again when the time comes to renew our permission to stay in The Netherlands.

Rebecca Albrecht & Paul Larrabee | Entrepreneurs

I worked with Stephan Roelofs of Adam and Wolf Attorneys to obtain a DAFT permit. The process went incredibly smoothly...much smoother than I would have ever anticipated.

Stephan was very helpful in organizing appointments and giving me the proper instructions for success in obtaining the permit. A process that would have otherwise been confusing, was made quite simple and smooth. Everything went very well. Stephan was well-spoken, knowledgeable, friendly, responsive, and hard working. He helped me gain the permit quickly with no problems along the way. In addition, the services provided were more cost-effective than other lawyers we had looked into. Without a doubt, I would recommend Adam & Wolf to process a DAFT permit or any other legal immigration service that might be needed by a client. I was truly well-pleased with the service provided.

Andy Martin | Business Consultant

Ms. Mooij was instrumental in helping me apply and successfully sort out the application for my business residency.

The whole process was something I would not have been able to complete on my own. I highly recommend anyone in my position to seek her help when moving to The Netherlands.

Denise Wilson | Equestrian Professional

Stephan did a wonderful job of helping us immigrate to The Netherlands.

He always took his time to answer our questions and make us feel comfortable. I don’t think we could have done it without him!

Joe & Amy Lawrence | Freelancers

When I moved to The Netherlands alone, I needed help to set up my residency quickly and efficiently.

Stephan Roelofs was succinct and punctual. He explained every step of the way to me so that I felt secure. What would have been a long, confusing process of navigating paperwork with a Dutch translator, instead became an easy process. I highly recommend Stephan. I plan to contact him in the future should any questions or issues arise.

Lisa Brundridge | Entrepreneur

It is my pleasure to write a testimonial for Stephan Roelofs. With his professional advice and guidance, my wife and I were able to renew a DAFT residence permit and obtain permanent residency in The Netherlands.

He had a complete understanding of the requirements for both applications in our somewhat unusual circumstances. He explains things clearly and completely, and his responsiveness is superb, often answering emails evenings or on the weekend. Our permits were issued without problems on or before the schedule he estimated. Excellent work at a reasonable cost.

Sharene and Harrison Klein | Hospitality Specialists

I moved to Amsterdam 16 months ago, starting my own self-run music business under the DAFT agreement. I was aware that moving to a different country while starting a new business would require a process of opening a bank account, handling legal documents and keeping myself organized.

It was inevitable that I would need to hire a lawyer to help me through the process. Prior to moving to The Netherlands, I decided to do some research and came across Adam & Wolf, finding Susanne Mooij, an immigration attorney. Susanne was more than happy to call me via skype, having a face to face explanation of the crucial steps that I needed to follow upon my arrival to The Netherlands. During my first months here, Susanne provided me with valuable information, all the documents I needed and scheduled appointments regarding registration. On top of that, Susanne also recommended someone to take care of the filing for my taxes, which has also been a promising move. I can’t feel more secure and at ease with all of the help I’ve been given. Susanne is kind, easy to work with, patient, professional, and most importantly, reliable. I highly recommend choosing Susanne Mooij to help you get where you need to be legally and comfortably. Choosing to work with Susanne has made my experience and stay in The Netherlands an enjoyable one. Thank you Adam & Wolf!

T.C. Jones | Guitar Instructor, Producer & Mixing Engineer