When deciding to move to The Netherlands, I was a little intimidated by the process and paperwork to acquire my DAFT visa. Fortunately.

I hired Stephan Roelofs. His knowledge of the Dutch immigration system provided an experience that was both fast and efficient… clear guidance through each step. I have already recommended Stephan to friends looking for legal assistance.

Jesse Jameson | Digital Marketing Consultant

As an American moving to The Netherlands to be with my partner, I had no idea how the immigration process was going to work. Luckily, a friend recommended Stephan Roelofs at Adam & Wolf, and I'm so glad that they did.

Stephan was kind, professional, and knowledgeable. He never hesitated to explain the ins and outs of Dutch immigration law broadly, as well as the specifics of my case. He kept us updated every step of the way and was always clear about what he needed from me to make a successful case. Without him and his assistance, I don't think I would have been able to successfully navigate the Dutch immigration process. I have no doubt that if I had tried, I would have spent more time and financial resources than I ultimately did. I can't recommend Stephan enough for expats who need immigration assistance. Thank you, Stephan!

Gabriel Rodriguez | Tech-savvy Communications Professional

I write this note as a letter of recommendation for Stephan Roelofs of Adam & Wolf Immigration Lawyers.

Mr. Roelofs successfully secured a residence permit for our son, Daniel. Prior to his relocation, Daniel planned a seven-day visit to The Netherlands to process his visa application. Mr. Roelofs coordinated all the necessary meetings to fall sequentially in a five-day span. There was no possible way we could have independently set up the meetings, fulfilled the paperwork requirements, and stayed on task without the expertise, knowledge, direction, and supervision of Mr. Roelofs. He provided assistance in all facets of the application process. He explained to us what was required to secure the visa and then kept Daniel and me on task to meet those obligations with timely follow-up. At all times we knew what was required of us as Mr. Roelofs took the time to explain the process step-by-step, his role, our responsibilities, and the Dutch legal and immigration requirements. As a result, we spent 30 days preparing and a busy five days implementing the plan Mr. Roelofs created. We have no doubt we could not have completed this process successfully in the limited time window in which we were working. Our family appreciates the time, effort, and follow-up by Mr. Roelofs that enabled our son to pursue his dream in The Netherlands.

Ron Phillips | Luxury Travel Consultant

I highly recommend Stephan Roelofs as an immigration attorney. I contacted him several months in advance of my plans to move to The Netherlands using DAFT.

He walked me through all of the preparatory steps in great detail. He was responsive to all communications, usually the same day or next day. He made sure all the paperwork was done correctly and in a timely manner, which made the visa process as painless as possible. Even when I had a change of address at the last minute, he was able to get all of my documents updated and my appointments rescheduled quickly.

Holly DeGrand | Psychologist at Chrysalis Centre

Navigating the process to obtain residency in The Netherlands is not a simple task.

I found myself in a particularly awkward situation, having to transition my residency status while still living in The Netherlands. Stephan provided clarity and a plan that in the end was successful! It was a true pleasure to have had Stephan looking after my situation.

Patricia Kennedy | Managing Director

Moving to a new country can be an overwhelming experience. The lynchpin in any such move is the residency visa process.

We feel very fortunate to have had Stephan Roelofs as our expert leader in managing this essential step of our move. With decades of experience in immigration law, Stephan was able to develop a customized plan for our family’s DAFT visa, with top efficiency and meticulous care. His communication style is clear, proactive, and extremely prompt. This was immensely comforting during the numerous stages of the visa process. His fees are nominal given the high value of his service and the trust he easily earns. I would not hesitate to engage him should new needs arise during our stay in The Netherlands. He has my highest recommendation!

Tina C. | Writer

I contacted Stephan Roelofs to inquire about the Dutch American Friendship Treaty (DAFT).

After speaking with several other immigration attorneys, and feeling somewhat uncomfortable with them, I immediately felt that Stephan was the right attorney to assist me with the complex procedures of applying for the DAFT visa. During the process I had many questions, but Stephan guided me through each one with clarity and skill. I was particularly pleased with his patience and understanding of my situation. I had to delay the process for several weeks as I had to return to the US on family business, but Stephan was able to continue the application when I returned to The Netherlands. I felt that his fees were fair and in line with other immigration attorneys I had spoken with. He was even so kind as to recommend an accountant to help with the complexities of the Dutch tax system. I highly recommend Stephan when applying for the DAFT visa and I am quite sure that you will be very pleased with the Stephan's services. Thanks again Stephan, for all your help.

Mike Martin | Business Owner

As someone who had never lived outside of the U.S., I was completely unsure about how to start the DAFT process.

A friend recommended Mr. Roelofs. With Stephan’s guidance, from the very beginning everything was smooth sailing. Stephan was very professional and extremely helpful and informative throughout the entire process. Within a short time, I was able to obtain a residency card to live and work in Europe.

Alfred Castillo | Freelance Legal Videographer

I came to The Netherlands a year ago hoping to obtain the DAFT visa to live here permanently.

I met with Stephan shortly after moving to Amsterdam and immediately hired him after our first consultation. The whole process went seamlessly. I couldn’t imagine doing it without his help. He is extremely knowledgable, responsive, and genuinely cares. I highly recommend Adam & Wolf, and specifically Stephan, for anyone wanting to obtain the DAFT visa.

Jessica Metz | Art Director

Stephan helped my partner and me navigate the transition from DAFT and Highly Skilled Migrant Worker permits to a permanent residence permit.

He advised us on the process and recommended options to us, as there was also a job transition while we were in the process of changing our permits. Stephan provided clear information and made sure we understood why he was recommending the options, based on our individual situation as it progressed. He helped make the process go smoothly and ultimately successfully for us. We would definitely recommend Stephan to anyone who needs assistance with The Netherlands residency permit process.

Michael Bulkeley & Laurie Villareal | Customer Success Manager