You simply don't know what you don't know. When my wife and I decided to move to The Netherlands from the United States, we didn't know how to begin the process.

Stephan Roelofs was recommended to us, and he was able to quickly and clearly explain the process as well as guide us through each step. I worried about our housing situation, I worried about our luggage arriving on time, I even worried about not being able to read the labels in the grocery store. However, because of Stephan and his team, I never worried about the legal aspects of our adventure.

Timothy C. Swing | Dentist

I offer my highest recommendation of Mr. Roelofs of Adam & Wolf Immigration Lawyers. He is prompt, professional, friendly, and helpful.

Procuring my Dutch-American Friendship Treaty Visa could not have been easier, thanks to Mr. Roelofs, who offered unparalleled assistance every step of the way, and who was always willing and able to answer whatever questions I had — as well as to offer reassurance and insight into the visa process (which can seem complicated and tiresome to the unfamiliar expatriate). I am now living in Amsterdam under a DAFT visa, and have started my own copywriting and copy-editing business: Adam Kohut Content. If you are seeking immigration help of any kind, I urge you to look no further than Stephan Roelofs.

Adam Kohut | Copywriter & Editor

Thanks to Stephan I was able to secure my Freelance Residency Permit in The Netherlands swiftly and with ease.

I would recommend his services without hesitation.

Diego Herrera | Sound Engineer & Performing Artist

I was recommended to Stephan Roelofs by a friend of mine, a fellow non-EU academic. He had also gone through the process of gaining a Dutch Residency Permit.

As a PhD researcher, going into the final year of my contract, and knowing that the first year or two after that often involves a lot of part-time and temporary work, I was nervous about being unable to stay in The Netherlands. Since arriving from the US six years ago, I’d really fallen in love with the country and built a promising academic career with a strong Dutch and European network. I didn’t want to give it up. I am very glad that I took my friend’s advice and asked for Stephan’s help. He contacted me soon after I emailed him, and made certain that I knew exactly what I should do and when to do it. As time went on, he kept me informed throughout the process of testing and applications. He helped to calm me down when my anxieties almost got the better of me. When everything came through, he made sure that the paperwork was completed and sorted out properly, which meant that I didn’t have to worry about it. In the end, everything worked out smoothly and (relatively) painlessly. I am now enjoying my status as a permanent resident of The Netherlands. Thanks Stephan!

Abby Waysdorf | PhD Candidate

Once our family made the decision and put a plan in place to move to The Netherlands from Northern California, we decided to hire an immigration lawyer to handle our DAFT Visa process.

After consulting with several different lawyers, we decided to go with Stephan Roelofs. His approach was clear and straightforward and he provided details upfront about what to expect during the application. Less than two months later, we were approved by the IND. We couldn't be happier with Stephan's assistance throughout the procedures. I recommend Stephan/Adam & Wolf for anyone looking to relocate from the US to The Netherlands.

Keith Mitchell | IT Consultant

My husband and I worked with Stephan Roelofs throughout our move from the United States to the Netherlands.

He was very responsive in answering all of our questions, some of which were complex (both US and UK nationalities), and some of which were simple but important (immigrating with pets). I felt secure working with him during a significant transition period in our lives. Everything went smoothly throughout the entire process. Stephan is knowledgeable, friendly, responsive, and efficient. I recommend working with him for any of your immigration needs!

Rebecca Heath Anderson | Business Management Consultant

Stephan helped my Indian wife and I to obtain a residency permit via the DAFT process.

He has been great to work with, very thorough and thoughtful. I would recommend him to anyone looking for consulting services when migrating to The Netherlands.

Ronak Mehta | Salesforce Consultant

Stephan Roelofs and the team at Adam & Wolf were able to remotely facilitated a way for my family to relocate to The Netherlands.

This allowed us to work parallel with the legal requirements from abroad to ensure a relatively simple legal transition to expatriate status. Adam & Wolf’s customer service was sterling and the price was more than reasonable, considering the successful result of eastablishing residence status in Amsterdam. All I needed was one Skype consultation to know that working with Mr. Roelofs was the right choice for us: Trust the professionals.

Bill Scurry | Founder, proprietor, American Caesar Enterprises

As a self-employed hairdresser and beauty product designer, the Dutch immigration process seemed very complicated to me and to my family.

Once we met Susanne, all that changed. While we were still in New York, she guided us through every step of the registration process. She went above and beyond with her help, securing our legal status. We will be forever grateful. We highly recommend Susanne and her staff for any needs you may have regarding Dutch immigration. Susanne is the absolute best.

Brent Lavett | Hairdresser & Beauty Product Designer

Stephan knows his business well.

He handled my case efficiently and expeditiously. I would recommend him to anyone who needs to get through the Dutch immigration process with a minimum number of surprises.

David Huang | Entrepreneur