After researching and consulting with several lawyers to take on my immigration case, I happily chose Stephan Roelofs to represent me.

After our initial consultation, my mind was put at ease by his positivity and determination. I felt I could put my trust in him without hesitation. His services have proved to be invaluable. I can sincerely say that he is a consummate professional and extremely proficient. Stephan was able to provide solid, straight-forward answers to my multitude of questions throughout the process, delivering honest, timelines and constant updates. Both gracious and flexible, working with Stephan felt more like working with a good, reliable friend. When choosing an attorney for something as sensitive as immigration, you want the very best. I STRONGLY recommend that you hire Stephan Roelofs. Without a doubt, I am extremely please that I did so.

Don Chatham | Entrepreneur

I cannot thank Susanne Mooij enough for the kindest and most helpful, professional assistance! With little notice and under tremendous pressure, I needed to obtain a two-year Resident Permit to live in Amsterdam with my teenage daughter, while she trained for a professional ballet career.

Susanne immediately set our family at ease during our very first meeting with her. Then she expertly followed through with genuine care, holding my hand throughout the entire process of securing a permit under the Dutch-American Friendship Treaty. Susanne is a consummate professional. She possesses the most welcomed quality of a lovely, caring manner. She is extremely responsive, patient in her assistance and explanations, and true to her counsel. I surely could not have secured a permit on my own so swiftly and adjusted to a move so easily, without her assistance. Susanne truly welcomed me to The Netherlands!

Lisa Ann Lydon | Entrepreneur

I travelled to The Netherlands in the Spring of 2016, to perform research for a book on World War II. At the time, I believed that if my research project took longer than the 90 day Schengen rule for non-Europeans staying in the Schengen area (which includes The Netherlands) that I could easily obtain a residence permit with no legal help.

I was wrong. And by the time I figured that out, I had reached my 90 day limit. I had to return to the United States and figure out how to begin the process of obtaining a Dutch Residence Permit so that I could return to resume my work. I found several immigration attorney websites with offices in Amsterdam and The Hague. I emailed them but none of the attorneys responded to my inquiries. Then I found Adam and Wolf's website and read the testimonials of United States citizens like myself, who had obtained residence permits with the help of Stephan Roelofs. I emailed Stephan and he immediately responded and suggested that I apply for a permit through the Dutch American Friendship Treaty, a program that he stated would best suit my circumstances. He began walking me through the steps while I was still living in the U.S. By the time I arrived back in The Netherlands, most of the work had been done. At that point, Stephan made all of the required appointments for me and guided me through the immigration process with ease. I received my residence permit six weeks after returning to The Netherlands. I highly recommend Stephan Roelofs. He is extremely professional but also friendly and cordial. I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't found Stephan Roelofs.

Julie Miller | Researcher & Publisher

Immigrating to a new country is time consuming, complicated and a bit scary, especially as entrepreneurs. One of the easiest and smartest decisions that my husband and I made, when deciding to move to The Netherlands, was hiring Susanne Mooij.

After our initial meeting, we felt secure with her guidance. We are now happily residing and working in the country. She was professional and prompt with all the necessary details. When the time comes for our renewal process, she will be our first call.

Kalin Morrow & Ryan Wood | Freelance Artist/Sport Massage Therapist

Having the desire to live in The Netherlands for many years, I was continually running into difficulties trying to find a way to legally achieve it.

With Stephan Roelofs help, the daunting DAFT application was a simple and straightforward process, from arriving in Amsterdam to receiving my residency. After contacting Stephan via the Adam & Wolf website, he scheduled a free one-hour consultancy over the phone, where he confirmed my eligibility for the DAFT. He laid out the application process, step-by-step, so that I was completely clear and confident about the endeavour before arriving in the country. Stephan made sure that I knew exactly what was expected from me, in terms of documentation and requirements. He set up all of my appointments and document submissions with the various relevant authorities in The Netherlands. Overall, I would highly recommend to anyone seeking residency under the DAFT, seek out the legal services of Stephan Roelofs.

Gabriel Gross | Visual Designer

Susanne’s advice has made it possible for me to move to The Netherlands, in pursuit of my dream career.

While there were times I would have benefitted from clearer descriptions of each step of the process and their importance, I could always count on Susanne to check in with me in a timely manner, to be certain that I was on track in acquiring my residence card. I appreciated her ability to keep in touch via email while I was at home in the US, and her sunny demeanor when we were actually able to meet in person. Thanks for everything, Susanne!

Samantha Seurynck Griffith | Graphic & Interaction Designer

I cannot say enough about how straightforward and amazingly painless it was to work with Stephan Roelofs in obtaining my DAFT.

Stephan was prompt in replying to all of my numerous initial questions (as well as emails along the way) and meticulous in setting up appointments at the various agencies to work around my schedule. The time frame laid out by him was spot-on as well. You could not ask for a better or more professional individual to guide you through this process.

Justin Broughton | VP Engineering CTO

I am so pleased with the professionalism and service that I received from Adam and Wolf.

I moved to The Netherlands from the United States, and wanted to apply for a freelance permit under the Dutch American Friendship Treaty. Being new to the country and unfamiliar with the Dutch language and legal system, the application process seemed overwhelming. Susanne walked me through every step, made sure that all of my paperwork was submitted, and that all of the requirements were met. Working with Adam and Wolf made the process not only painless, but also very quick and efficient. I was able to start working much sooner than I had expected! Adam and Wolf was recommended to me by a friend who is also a satisfied client. I was not disappointed!

Sydney Imani Plummer | Entrepreneur

When I decided to immigrate to The Netherlands from the US, I started researching the process on expat forums and various online websites, as well as speaking with some Dutch friends.

It can be very intimidating and confusing, trying to navigate the Dutch bureaucracy on your own! After contacting many Immigration attorneys to assist me in the process, I felt that Stephan and his staff responded in the most proficient way to all of my questions and concerns. The entire process was made as easy as online shopping! Everything was handled start to finish, allowing me to focus on my business and acclimate to Dutch life. I recommend his services 1000 times over and could not have been blessed with a better experience!

Pete Koch | Software Engineer

Stephan Roelofs has been nothing but a helping and guiding hand throughout my time working with him.

He is always quick to respond, and willing to talk through any situation. I highly recommend him!

Sarah Henkind | Entrepreneur