Fresh out of graduate school, I found the thought of establishing a business in a foreign country intimidating. Thankfully, Stephan Roelofs was there to assist.

His vast experience with the Dutch American Friendship Treaty made him an ideal advisor. He guided me in setting up my sole entrepreneurship, advised me in how to keep it running successfully and how to maintain my legal residence in The Netherlands. I’m reassured to know that, even years later, I can turn to him with legal questions.

Karina Hof | Writer and Editor

It has been a pleasure and an adventure to work with Stephan Roelofs. He knows exactly what he is doing, and he does what he does with care, humor, professionalism and a touch of class.

Stephan has made my transition in moving to The Netherlands as smooth as can be. If only the banks were this easy to deal with! Working with Stephan has not only brought me my residency permit, but in record time. I've also met a few of Stephan’s other clients passing in the halls of their comfortably posh office, and one upon striking up conversation with a stranger in an upscale restaurant in Amsterdam. All of the praise has been the same: Stephan is at the top of his field and Stephan is the guy to work with. He is trustworthy, knowledgeable and just cool to work with. If you want to get into this fine country as a resident or entrepreneur, he will navigate you through every curve and canal with friendly confidence, whether or not you can speak Dutch.

Erin Jo Harris | Singer & Performer

Before finding Stephan Roelofs, I was quite sure that all my immigration options were exhausted, and frankly,

I was quite desperate. Stephan assured me that we would come up with a solution. He was able to put my mind at ease by presenting me with a strategy which would ultimately help me to secure my residency in The Netherlands. He and his staff were professional, courteous, and most importantly compassionate, which I really appreciated during such a challenging time.

Kristofer D'Amore | Entrepreneur

Stephan Roelofs’ guidance and expertise were invaluable in helping my family navigate through the Dutch legal process to obtain temporary residency in The Netherlands. In our first meeting,

Stephan fully described the Dutch requirements and fees upfront. We never experienced any of the surprises or cost‐overruns that we had come to expect from American law firms. It can be daunting to fill out paperwork and understand legal requirements in a foreign language, but Stephan made the process manageable. We felt fortunate to have an advocate who was knowledgeable, efficient and trustworthy.

Jacqueline Avner | Independent Sales Representative

Mr. Roelofs was an absolute pleasure to work with. He is knowledgeable, informative, thorough, and most importantly, punctual and easy to get a hold of.

He made the seemingly grueling immigration process simple and pain free. I have since recommended his services to a number of people and will continue to recommend him in the future.

Danielle Goldstein | Equine Professional

In April, I traveled to Amsterdam for a vacation. I had dreamt of moving to Europe and, after having recently left my job in New York City, I felt this was the time to make the leap. I met with Stephan, who was referred to me by a friend, who had recently obtained a visa.

When Stephan and I met, we reviewed my qualifications and credentials. I had worked as a regional sales and marketing manager for a winery and had eight years of experience in the distribution and importation of wines. Stephan explained in detail the visa application process, what was required and what was to be expected. He instructed me to have my legal documents apostilled and my business plan drawn up.

During each step, Stephan was communicative and helpful. He organized my IND appointments, dealt with conflicts in scheduling and arranged for a Dutch accountant to oversee my business proposal, refining it to meet government standards. The whole application process took seventy-five days, after which, my business was granted a KVK, and approved by the IND. I went to each appointment fully prepared, due largely in part to Stephan’s advice. I highly recommend his services.

Julee Resendez | Proprietor Van Belle

I recently moved to The Netherlands from Atlanta, Georgia. Stephan's expertise and assistance was invaluable in solving our family reunification case.

My Dutch partner and I had tried other options on our own, with no success, when we decided to contact Mr. Roelofs on his website. Accommodating and knowledgeable, he helped us with every step of what could have been a complicated, stressful process. He was reassuring when we had concerns, readily available to answer our questions, and overall, he handled our case very efficiently, for which we are exceptionally grateful. I would highly recommend Stephan should you have any questions concerning your immigration law needs.

Jessica Jordan | Graphic Designer

It was by chance that I found Mr. Stephan Roelofs, while searching the web one day, hoping to find a solution to a complex immigration situation.

Stephan was immediately encouraging and immediately helpful. With his guidance, the process was simple. He was reliable, answered all queries thoroughly, and explained every part of the immigration process clearly. It took some time, but it unfolded step by step, and today I have legal residency in Holland and a chance at a new start. I am happy to recommend Stephan’s services.

Dana Roskey | Executive Director

Mr. Roelofs was a lucky find. When you are the managing director of a company, you want legal proceedings done correctly from the very start. I am an American citizen, married to a Dutch woman, with two Dutch born children.

After traveling to every part of the world for my job, for twenty years, I decided it was time to have the right to remain in my home in The Netherlands.

While Mr. Roelofs may not have a uptown office with a flashy foyer and cappuccino machine, he takes care of business. After only a few short minutes in his office, we had discussed my situation and he explained the different and best options to obtain my extended Dutch residency permit. Mr. Roelofs stayed in regular communications and updated me as things quickly progressed. It was a stressless, easy process that I can only attribute to Mr. Roelofs expertise.

I now have my residency permit. I highly recommend Mr. Roelofs law firm to obtain your residency permit and address any other immigration issues you may have. I had expected some challenging issues along the way, but I am happy to say, everything went quickly and easily with Mr. Roelofs’ guidance. Don't take a chance on your application not being completed correctly the first time. When you have a toothache, go to a good dentist. When you have an immigration issue, go to Mr. Roelofs. You can relax and know you have the right man on the job.

Lance Wilhite | Managing Director

Stephan Roelofs is an outstanding attorney who is very responsive, thorough and creative in his advice.

He handled our DAFT immigration case and, thanks to him, it moved along seamlessly. It is not hard to tell when someone truly cares about you and your family. Without a doubt, Stephan Roelofs genuinely cares about his clients. With his extensive years of experience, it is clear to see why Mr. Roelofs provides thoughtful, thorough, and most importantly, practical legal advice. It assured me that my family and I would attain our visas.

When we confided in Stephan, it didn't feel like we were talking to a stranger, as he listened carefully to our questions and comments and he responded quickly and clearly. He helped us to understand the Dutch legal requirements and processes. Mr. Roelofs is very insightful, regardless of the complexity of the matter. He is someone whose demeanor and personality enable you, as a client, to develop a trust and confidence in his advice. This is critical.

I can bear testimony that, without a doubt, His handling of our case couldn't have gone better and my family is eternally grateful to him. I would and have recommended him to family and friends. With Stephan Roelofs handling your case, you are in great hands. He is someone you'd want to have in your corner when navigating through any immigration matter.

Crystal Omidiji | Business Owner