Stephan Roelofs is very diligent and informative.

It was a pleasure to work with him. His steadfast work ethic helped me reach my goal, to live and work in The Netherlands.

Shani van Breukelen | Dress Designer

After encountering bureaucratic difficulties when moving to The Netherlands with my Swedish wife, I called Mr. Roelofs.

He was able to meet with me that same afternoon. He provided me with information and reassurance about my family reunification case. He and his firm prepared our paperwork and accompanied us to the immigration office to ensure our application was processed properly. Courteous and prompt, Mr. Roelofs and his team helped my wife and I navigate an unweildy legal process and secure a five year residency permits.

Nick Grinstead | The Clingendael Institute of International Affairs

It was a pleasure to have Mr. Stephan Roelofs represent me as an Attorney for Immigration as I moved my electronic music business, GREENBERRY HOUSE RADIO, from the United States to The Netherlands.

Mr. Roelofs guided me through the steps of my Dutch-American Friendship Treaty application, making the process of immigration and registering my business in the Netherlands easy and stress free. Mr. Roelofs even referred me to an accountant who helped me write a business plan to submit with my application. I am happy to say that my Dutch-American Friendship Treaty application was approved! Mr. Roelofs is clearly very knowledgeable and experienced with Dutch Immigration Law. Despite the fact that we had a very limited amount of time to work on my DAFT application, everything went smoothly. Mr. Roelofs was even able to negotiate extensions with the IND, when I was running late to submit documentation because of my brother's wedding. I was also impressed that he was very familiar with my industry.

Greg Greenberg | DJ & Music Producer

One day before Christmas, I received a letter from the IND. I had made a request to continue to stay in The Netherlands.

The response was negative. I was asked to leave the country in five days! I seeked an immigration lawyer. I was told that Stephan Roelofs was an expert on the Friendship Treaty with the USA. One appointment later with Stephan, I was residing legally in Holland again. He guided me through all of the information needed and explained my rights. To my relief, he sorted everything out and thanks to him, I am were I am today in Holland with a great career. I only have Mr. Roelofs to thank. I highly recommend him to assist you in your new life in Holland.

Liliana Anicharico | Freelancer

I work for an educational institute in The Netherlands. I am from the United States. Stephan Roelofs helped me attain my Dutch residency in 2012.

I highly recommend him for any Dutch immigration needs. He has a complete understanding of Dutch law and he is well respected by the immigration authorities. He is clear with his legal explanations and precise with his work. He is dependable and determined to take care of the tasks at hand. If you are a US citizen, looking to relocate in The Netherlands, hire Stephan Roelofs to make your legality a reality.

Jeff Croteau | Entrepreneur

I approached Stephan Roelofs for assistance to apply for Dutch residency after moving to Amsterdam in 2011.

I couldn't have wished for a better ally to guide me through the immigration process. Stephan provided a clear, detailed plan for each step required to complete the application. He took care of many additional details, including making appointments with the IND on my behalf and connecting me with an accounting firm that could complete the necessary financial documents required for the application. I particularly appreciated his efficiency and clarity and walked away from meetings with total confidence that my residence application would be approved… which of course it was. It couldn't have been easier for me. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Stephan to other Americans looking for assistance with their Dutch residency application.

Amy Jacob | Online Event Producer

I moved to Holland from the USA in 1994, as a professional dancer/choreographer/pt-store manager/certified yoga teacher.

After residing here with a working permit for 15 years, I received a letter demanding that I leave the country within 28 days. Not understanding why, I ask a friend what to do. He recommended that I consult with an immigration lawyer. After having my first consultation with Mr. Roelofs, I left with a positive feeling that he would get the results that would secure my future here in Netherlands. After several meetings and a few phone calls with Mr Roelofs, I received my residency permit. I found his service was professional. He was very knowledgeable about what would be best for my unique situation. To anyone who has an immigration issue, I recommend Stephan Roelofs.

Donald Lee Streeter | Owner BlueYoga

I am currently an aspiring fashion designer and entrepreneur, living in The Netherlands. I contacted Stephan Roelofs to help me pursue a Dutch American Friendship Treaty Immigration permit.

I was fortunate to have Stephen Roelofs on my case who, from our initial meeting through to the eventual acquisition of my residency card, was nothing but helpful. Mr. Roelofs could always be counted on to reply to my emails within 24 hours. And he was extremely supportive when my application grew more complicated than I had initially intended. I would highly recommend Mr. Roelofs to anyone looking for a lawyer who can be counted on to complete first rate legal work in a timely and efficient manner.

Rebecca Henkind | Fashion Designer

Starting a business in a new country is arguably one of the most daunting experiences one can ever pursue.

Stephan Roelofs not only helped me with the legal requirements for gaining residency and establishing my company in The Netherlands, but he was a tremendous source of emotional comfort as well. His vast knowledge of the law, combined with his compassionate nature and fun personality, made the process so much less overwhelming for me, than it might have been in less experienced hands. I highly recommend him.

Lisa Lipkin | Director Story Strategies

When I moved to The Netherlands, a colleague advised me to hire an immigration attorney with a reputation for excellence.

That way, the IND would see the attorney’s name on the letterhead and know that my case had already been vetted by the best. Stephan Roelofs proved that my colleague was right. Hiring such a top attorney not only helped ease my passage through the IND, but it made a difference at every stage. It was immediately obvious that Stephan knew his job extremely well. He clearly explained the legal process to me and provided any assistance I needed. What’s more, it was a delight to work with him. I recommend him highly.

Donna Beech | New York Times bestselling writer