Although I had previously lived in The Netherlands for several years, my immigration status had always been as an highly skilled migrant worker and employee; which meant that the companies I worked for managed the necessary immigration administration.

So, when I decided to venture out and start my own business in Holland, this was a whole new immigration challenge! Not only was it a big move professionally, but also personally. I had just bought an apartment in Amsterdam and couldn't afford to have my immigration status jeopardized in any way. Luckily I found Stephan who walked me through and seamlessly managed the entire process of establishing my immigration status as Dutch resident and independent contractor. He was affordable, service oriented (even coming to my apartment for a meeting), and competent. I highly recommend him!

Julie Simper | International CMECPD Consulting

I moved to Rotterdam from the United States with my husband so that he could study in Holland. I was adjusting to life in a new country, struggling to find work, and feeling completely overwhelmed with all of the information about the different kinds of visas available.

I scheduled a consultation with Mr. Roelofs. After listening carefully to my situation, he helped me understand my options and suggested that I apply for a visa as a freelancer under the Dutch-American Friendship Treaty. He made the application process go smoothly, telling me exactly what to do and addressing any concerns I had. Having someone so knowledgable to oversee the process, including submitting the application complete with a cover letter and acting as an intermediary between me and the IND, helped me feel confident about my decision to pursue this visa and make use of Mr. Roelofs’ services. My application was successful, and I am currently enjoying work as an English teacher and freelance musician. I also plan to further take advantage of my visa by starting a new children's choir. I highly recommend Mr. Roelofs and his services.

Andrea Hayter | English Teacher & Musician

Immigrating can be a real challenge: a new country and language, complex laws and bureaucracy. Even everyday issues like dry cleaning or grocery shopping can seem overwhelming. Any little thing that makes life easier can be a godsend.

For our family, Stephan Roelofs was just such a blessing. He handled our complex immigration proceedings professionally and efficiently, leveraging his experience and contacts to achieve the best outcome. Stephan constantly kept us up to date, saving us from worry and concern. Stephan is our partner for all matters related to immigration.

Tim Janisch | Owner QuePro Advisors

As an American traveling back and forth to The Netherlands to spend time with my partner, we decided that I should apply for my Dutch residency permit.

I googled several Dutch law offices who specialize in immigration and visas and sent emails to them, but Stephan Roelofs was the first to respond. And his immediate response was much more thorough than the other lawyers whom eventually contacted me. Stephan has a pleasurable approachability and clarity of the complex legal processes. His professionalism made my experience seamless and pleasant. Stephan made a list of documents I needed, invited me to the office where we executed the paperwork. It was a true pleasure and relief to work with him. Everything proceeded very smoothly. Within 6 months, I was holding my residency card. He is professional, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with.

Gina Fontanini | Founding Partner at La G Productions

My family and I are very grateful to Stephan Roelofs for his assistance in uniting our family in The Netherlands. From start to finish, Stephan kept the immigration process incredibly organized and smooth.

He was always willing to answer any questions that we had and kept us informed of every step along the way. We very much recommend his services for anyone wanting to be in The Netherlands for a short or long stay. We are very thankful for his guidance and assistance in accomplishing our goals.

Jason Pridmore | Assistant Professor, Erasmus University R'dam

As a business owner, deciding to move to Amsterdam on the DAFT, I received several encouraging recommendations to work with Stephan Roelofs. I knew that moving abroad would bring stress.

I wanted to have someone legally on my side who could make my immigration process run smoothly. I organise conferences on the practice of inclusivity and lead yoga teacher training programs. Stephan was able to guide me with ease, to fulfill all immigration requirements on the DAFT. He was incredibly kind and helpful and would always respond with clarity. The entire process was smooth, stress-free, and a success with all thanks to Stephan.

Amanda Lathan | Owner of Live the Practice

After a year of trying, unsuccessfully, to get a Dutch residency permit, my partner and I decided to hire Stephan Roelofs to help us with our case. Stephan offered professional, straight-forward and friendly advice.

For the first time, we were hearing possibilities instead of just, "no”. When you invest in Stephan, you are also investing in the professional network that he has access to. Trust us, this helps! His experience and the peace of mind he provides by not having to spend hours each week on the phone/website of IND keeping up with their ever-changing policies is invaluable. We received my Dutch residency permit after working with Stephan, and are now happily living in The Hague. I would absolutely recommend his services to anyone who is considering residency in The Netherlands.

Lauren Hayes Gilbert | Author and Holistic Practitioner

Stephan Roelofs is very pleasant to work with. He is professional and flexible. He was able to help me with specific deadlines.

His expertise on the Dutch American Friendship Treaty made the whole process run smoothly. I always felt I was in good hands. My business was approved and I'm happy that I chose to work with Stephan.

Kelly Gardner | Corporate Events Travel Coordinator

By employing Stephan Roelofs, everything concerning my residency application process moved along with precision and usually ahead of the IND timelines.

Stephan’s personable approach to our ‘business relationship’ was a source of encouragement and kept up my motivation to stay on target as we moved through the legal complex process. I credit his brilliance, expertise, and motivation for a timely, positive outcome. To say “Thank You” for a bill may not be an applicable response, but I can easily say the value I received from his timely and thorough service was definitely worth my investment in his experience. I’ll gratefully recommend Stephan Roelofs if anyone ask me for a referral for an immigration attorney.

George Sonsel | Counsellor

Moving is never easy, and when you make the decision to move to a new country there is a list of extra “to-do’s” that go beyond finding a moving company and updating your driver’s license.

The type of residence permit you’ll need may be different according to your reason for immigrating… a work assignment, to start your own company, or for your spouse or family. In 2007, I moved to Belgium on a work assignment. At the end of 2012, I made the decision to move to The Netherlands for a new job, as well as to join my partner. Although the two countries are neighbors and share a language, they couldn’t be more different. While adjusting to a new culture, and exploring a new career, the thought of endless immigration paperwork gave me a headache.Tired of renewing my residency permit every year, and worrying about the limitations imposed on me with the type of permit I had, I decided to hire an immigration lawyer. I contacted Stephan Roelofs for a consultation. He took the time to understand both my professional and personal goals. Based on this, he defined the best immigration solutions to achieve these goals. Working with Stephan removed all the guesswork and confusion. Stephan is attentive, he continually follows up with the progress of your case. At the immigration office, one can see that they know Stephan’s work and respect him. The peace of mind Stephan provided, throughout the immigration process, allowed me to focus my attention on my work. Within two months the immigration process was complete.

Stephanie L. Bush | Communications Advisor