It’s been great working with Stephan Roelofs. He’s been very knowledgeable throughout my DAFT immigration process. He’s reliable, diligent, experienced, professional and dependable.

I feel like I’m in good hands with Stephan handling my case – which is quite a big deal for me. A friend recommended him to me, and I have since recommended him to friends and colleagues.

Kathryn Piper | Founder at Starling Murmuration

Working with Stephan made getting my visa so easy!

He answered my questions, scheduled all the appointments for me and submitted all the necessary paperwork. There were no issues throughout the entire process.

Gabrielle Rose Herman | Entrepreneur & Travel Entusiast

I reached out to Adam & Wolf about obtaining a DAFT Visa so that I could move to The Netherlands with my girlfriend while continuing to run my business.

Stephan made the entire process simple and stress free. I didn’t have to do much more than send him a few scanned documents and my whole immigration process from the United States to The Netherlands was handled. I would highly recommend Adam & Wolf to any Americans looking to move to The Netherlands.

Trevor Newman | Motion Artwork Designer – U.S.

When it came to answering all of my immigration questions, Stephan Roelofs was able to provide me with straightforward answers and solutions.

When going through the Dutch American Friendship Treaty application, I was assisted and provided with a walkthrough every step of the way, making the complex process as simple as possible. I could not have imagined it going any smoother. I will always return to Mr. Roelofs for any of my legal immigration needs. Now, I am residing in The Netherlands with my partner and building my career in legal consulting!

Justin MacDowell | International Legal Consultant

Thanks to Stephan's knowledge, experience and expediency, our immigration case was easily resolved for my husband and me.

Stephan took the time and care to listen to our situation as individuals. We would not consider any other attorney to represent us in the future.

Denise Perrault | Company Director, Journeys for Learning

Stephan Roelofs brought a calm professionalism to my partner’s immigration case, which made the process a breeze! We had been very nervous that the paperwork could go wrong, or take too long, or that we would not hear back in time for my partner to remain in NL.

I had also assumed that legal support for our case could be too expensive. On the contrary…it was an invaluable investment in our relationship! Thanks to Stephan's excellent work, everything went perfectly. My partner received his visa incredibly fast. Getting his visa approved has helped us to build our lives together here. I strongly recommend working with Adam & Wolf!

Mallory Flowers | Postdoctoral Researcher

I began working with Stephan prior to my move to The Netherlands. He was very helpful and informative with everything I needed to have prepared for my DAFT visa process.

Upon arrival in The Netherlands, all my appointments and paperwork were handled by Stephan, making the process seamless and worry free. If you want a smooth process with your DAFT visa with no hiccups, I advise you to use Adam & Wolf.

Matthew J. Martinez | Freelance Court Reporter

My partner, Peter and I enlisted the services of Stephan for our DAFT application. We interviewed several attorneys and found his demeanor to be very calm and his willingness to listen to our questions very reassuring.

He helped us with referrals where possible, and quickly noted where we might make a change to help us with our taxes (and it was correct!). Our residency card was received over a month before we expected it! We now referred several other people we know to him, as we trust him implicitly. He even recently emailed us to let us know of a ruling change that would benefit us. He didn't have to do that, but we were very appreciative of his pro-activeness. We highly recommend having Stephan not just for your initial residency card, but for the long-term legal guidance.

James Kastner | Founder of Deedable, Realtor in DC

We had a straight-forward and efficient counsel from Stephen Roelofs. My husband is a Central American citizen and we have 2 children (which definitely made things even more complex).

Stephan advised us about the DAFT visa, which allowed me to create a company in The Netherlands and would also allow my husband to obtain a residency card with labour permission. Although the procedure has a very specific time-frame, Stephan was able to comfort and guide us through the process. We obtained a 2 year residency permission one day before the deadline. I definitely recommend Stephen. Save yourself the time and hassle of dealing with Dutch authorities. Leave it to Stephan to solve your immigration needs.

Roxana and Christian Estrada | Entrepreneurs

Still can't believe how simple, easy, and smooth my entire visa process was with Stephan. He is very helpful, sets the right expectations, and is very clear with what is needed.

From the moment I began the visa process, I felt completely taken care of. I knew that I was working with a true professional who is knowledgeable in his field. I would definitely recommend him to any U.S. native looking to move to Amsterdam!

Sam Andryk | Strategic Partnerships Project Manager