Although I had lived in The Netherlands before, had been an independent contractor before,

and had used relocation legal and professional services before, I had never combined all three, at the same time in just a six-week period! Stephan Roelofs was prompt and professional in updating me on the latest immigration options and procedures, to start a business and obtain a visa in the Netherlands under DAFT, the Dutch American Friendship Treaty. In addition, he helped me stay on track throughout the process of securing interim and final residence permit approval.

Where Stephan excels is in his ability to explain abstract legal concepts in clear, practical, and understandable terms, along with the actions required in an easy to understand, systematic order. I've lived in ten countries in different parts of the world. The process of executing the immigration requirements myself, along with the guidance of Stephan Roelofs, was far easier than what I experienced with employer, fully sponsored legal support elsewhere. I highly recommend him.

Richard Monturo | Founder, Monturo Marketing BV

After deciding that I wanted to move my fashion business from San Francisco to Amsterdam, a fellow American referred me to Stephan Roelofs to help me process all of the Dutch requirements for a work visa under the DAFT agreement.

I'm glad I hired Stephan! It was incredibly beneficial to have him schedule all of the necessary appointments and file the required applications, written in Dutch. I am incredibly grateful to Stephan for his thoroughness. The visa I applied for usually takes three months to process. I received my visa within two months! I now recommend his services to anyone wanting to move to The Netherlands.

Cat Biggar | Fashion Designer

If it were not for Stephan's expertise and expediency, our stay in The Netherlands would have been short-lived. With visa deadlines looming,

he gave us his undivided attention and resolved our residency issues within a short time frame, by thinking outside the box. We highly recommend Stephan's skills and services.

Donald Gaw | Operations Director

While experiencing issues with the IND during my application for the DAFT treaty, a friend recommended using Stephan Roelofs' assistance.

Within a few weeks, discrepancies with my application were sorted out and my residency permit was issued. I strongly recommend using Stephan Roelofs’ assistance with any immigration issue.

Marisa Russo | Owner of Americakes

I came to Mr. Roelofs fearing that I would have to leave both the man I love and the city of my dreams.

I am a twenty-year-old American. I work at an Irish Pub in Amsterdam. I wanted to remain in Holland, but after going from office to office for immigration guidance, making countless phone calls and enduring endless waiting time, I was simply told the same thing over and over again, “It is NOT possible.”

So I decided to find a lawyer. I researched the Internet and found Stephan Roelofs. We arranged a meeting. I told him my story and the challenges that I had been confronted with. I expected yet another negative response. But he told me that it WAS possible to remain in The Netherlands! Mr. Roelofs helped me to overcome obstacles that others said were impossible. It has been an absolute honor having him as my lawyer. I would recommend Stephan Roelofs to anyone who believes that there are no options available.

Lauren Victoria Lutter | Waitress

I have nothing but praise for the services that Mr. Roelofs provided, for my successful immigration into The Netherlands.

His expertise and personal attention were invaluable to me. I am now a legal resident and I am establishing a new company.

Kelly True | Owner, Eclectic Editing Services

Stephan was so dedicated and helpful.

He made the complex immigration process simple. He was always willing to go the extra mile, even lending me his bike so that I could make an appointment on time!

Arielle Dundas | English Tutor and Presentation Trainer

When I heard about the Dutch American Friendship Treaty, aka, DAFT, I could not believe it! It seemed too good to be true.

Having lived in The Netherlands between 2007 and 2014 as an expat, I always enjoyed the Dutch life. However, my residency was always tied to my employment status. After discovering DAFT, a whole new world of possibility opened up for me and my family. After doing my initial research and consulting with several attorneys, I chose Stephan Roelofs to guide me through the process. Having navigated previously through the maze of immigration law in the United States, I knew that I wanted the assistance of a well-versed advocate. Stephan proved to be an excellent resource. From day one, his advice was clear and relatively simple. He made me comfortable with the process, and answered all of my questions. Stephan prepared the residence application on my behalf, set up the required meetings/appointments, etc., and everything went smoothly. From the moment I met him, until the day I received my residence permit, no more than three months elapsed. Stephan is professional and knowledgeable. Even further, he provides an extremely valuable service at a fair price. I recommend him without reservation to anyone who needs to find their way through the Dutch immigration system!

Brent D. Hicks | Entrepreneur

Being involved in professional cycling, I found that more and more of my time was being spent in Europe.

Needing to find a solution to satisfy the necessary visa requirements, I received a recommendation to Susanne Mooij at Adam & Wolf Immigration Lawyers. After our initial meeting, where I explained my situation and the desire to obtain residency to base myself in The Netherlands, Susanne believed that pursing a Residence Visa through the Dutch-American Friendship Treaty was the right path to take. Throughout the entire process, Susanne was able to arrange the necessary meetings around my sometimes complex schedule. Whenever I had any questions relating to the residence application, her replies were always informative, helpful and timely. Susanne’s thorough professionalism and knowledge on immigration law is a true asset. I recommend her to everyone pursuing residency in The Netherlands.

Aaron Fairley | Freelancer, ProCycle Event Services Europe

Stephan Roelofs came highly recommended to me by a friend of mine. He has handled two applications for me and has done a phenomenal job on both. Mr. Roelofs is knowledgeable, professional and efficient with regard to DAFT-applications, although his expertise clearly extends beyond this niche.

He also impressed me with his candor and pragmatism. This is an attorney you can trust not to sugar coat situations and to keep expectations realistic. Mr. Roelofs is responsive and easy to work with. He explains procedures extremely well. These characteristics are all very important in a lawyer, especially one shepherding businesses and individuals through, what can be, a very stressful process. I have already passed his name on to others looking for quality representation. The response has been uniformly positive.

Cinnamon Stephens | Attorney